Funderland for small kids

I have fantastic memories of Funderland as a kid. My uncle – who was child-free at the time – used to take myself and my three brothers and sisters as our Christmas present every year for hours of spinning and screaming followed by post-match analysis at McDonalds. Fair play to him, the brave man!

We were a few years older than my small boy now at four, so it never crossed my mind to take him at this age because I thought it might be a waste. How wrong I was! Continue reading Funderland for small kids

TV for grown ups on Netflix

It’s taken me ages to get around to watching Hot Girls Wanted on Netflix. Since it’s success at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, it’s been on my “one to watch” list although, given the subject matter, it’s also pretty hard to put aside the time for something that you already know will be uncomfortable viewing, to say the least.

The documentary shines a light on what’s called the “amateur” porn industry in the US and the women who work in it. I’ve “amateur” in inverted commas there because the women who take part in the videos are actually paid. It’s the videos themselves that are considered amateur in that they aim to look fly-on-the-wall rather than the full movie set with professional crew, props, scripts etc. Continue reading TV for grown ups on Netflix

Working breakfast – where to get the best coffee in Dublin

If you are a professional juggler (read: working parent) like me and Mr Mind the Baby then you’re probably all too familiar with the idea of grabbing breakfast on the run on a working day.

While we certainly aspire to fully dressed, blow-dried hair (me), fully made up face (him), and a healthy, filling breakfast before we leave (both), the reality is often somewhat different.

And that’s where the beauty of our capital city comes into its own! We are spoilt rotten with fabulous eateries catering for our breakfast needs – both eat in and take away. I thought I’d share my favourites with you because you never know when you might be walking past their door and they’re so good it would be a crime against yourself not to pop in to try them out. Continue reading Working breakfast – where to get the best coffee in Dublin

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