Lost art of conversation

There’s been a quiet absence in my life for a while now. It’s something that I’ve only realised recently but it has been gone for quite some time.

Life is so busy. There’s rushing to and from work, work itself, crèche drop offs and pick ups, shopping to be done, dinners to be made, stories to be read, tickles to be delivered, swimming lessons to go to, extended family commitments, juggling different work schedules, trying to get some exercise in, all those things. Life at full speed – as life is, you might say. Continue reading Lost art of conversation

Crafts for eejits

I am not crafty.

Well, I am crafty, but not crafty in an “arts and crafts” kind of way. My Pinterest fail last year is proof enough. If you’re looking for cool, original, fun craft ideas you need to talk to the crazy talented likes of Sadhbh at Where Wishes Come From, Emily from The Nest or Helen at The Busy Mamas.

If, however, you’re crap at crafts like me and you’re looking for something that makes you look like you’re at least making an effort, I’ve got the very thing for you! Continue reading Crafts for eejits

Pregnant women everywhere thank you

There I was, enjoying a nice cold glass of Sancerre with my dinner, when my eye wandered to the symbol at the bottom of the label.

Pregnant women everywhere thank you - Mind the Baby

It’s a symbol that I’ve seen hundreds of times – usually on the back of my Corona in the pub – but it really got me thinking this time.

Thank God, I thought, THANK GOD that symbol is there.  Continue reading Pregnant women everywhere thank you

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