Treat Yo Self

Fans of the brilliant US sitcom Parks and Recreation may be familiar with the concept of Treat Yo Self but if you’re not, please enjoy this video.  Basically the premise is that one day a year you should treat yourself to things that you’d never normally do or buy.

Every pregnant lady deserves to treat herself once in a while.  You’re growing a baby for God’s sake, look after yourself! I used to call it repurposing my “wine money”. So here’s a list of the lovely things I did to be kind to myself. Some of them were gifts which made them all the more enjoyable.

Prenatal Yoga

I loved prenatal yoga so much I actually miss it now. I miss stretching my body out and loosening all the aches and pains from sitting at my desk all day. I miss the camaraderie with all my fellow pregnant ladies. I miss the brilliant teacher I had who oozed confidence and support for all of us. Prenatal Yoga had a huge affect on my pregnancy and birth and it gave me a sense of general wellbeing all the way through. It also helped me sleep like a log.

Floating in Water

Oh, oh, that feeling of weightlessness! So delicious! I loved sticking my bum in the air and bobbing like a cork. Bliss. I used to do prenatal aqua aerobics towards the end of my pregnancy. I wish now I had started at 20 weeks like you’re supposed to do.  If there’s a next time round, I’ll be running into the pool for classes as soon as I can! The class made great use of these lovely foamy long sticky things called waddles that you could bend and hook under your bump for added floatiness. I wanted to rob one. I also bobbed around a couple of hotel spas when other people were enjoying the sauna but bobbing was just fine for me.

Pregnancy Massage

Now these were gifts and what thoughtful, kind gifts they were too. I had one early on in my pregnancy when it was safe to do so and boy did I need it.  My whole body was hunched up and tight from the general discomfort and horribleness of morning sickness and nausea.  I also had one at about 37 weeks.  It was done on my sides as there was another pregnant lady using the massage table with the hole in it at the same time but it too was very soothing on the bod.

Natural Wheatgerm Heatpacks

It was a very clever midwife who suggested natural wheatgerm heatpacks to me.  She recommended them as a good early labour tool but in fact I found them great for late pregnancy and the few days post birth.  My lovely husband used to heat two up for me in the microwave at bedtime and drape one around my neck to ease my sore shoulders and then the other across my lower back. Co-sy. After the birth, my upper body was very achy from tensing all the muscles during labour and the heatpacks were really effective in warming and softening everything up.  You can get these heatpacks in a lot of chemists or health shops.  They’re covered in fleece on the outside and feel like there’s little beans inside them when you squeeze them.  I’ve seen them range in price from €6 to €14 but they seem to be all the same.  I love these guys so much I’ve started buying them for all my pregnant friends!

San Pellegrino Limonata

Because it’s delicious and lemony.  There’s probably some Vitamin C in it, maybe. I used to drink it with my Beef-o-rama bagel from Itsabagel at lunchtime to help absorb the iron in the roast beef. That’s my excuse anyway. 😉


My toes got very far away very quickly. At first I couldn’t comfortably bend hand to foot but then I couldn’t even see them. I also started to heat up like a furnace so the toes needed to be out for comfort, particularly at work.  Cue the pedicure! A good one can last you three to four weeks – it’s not like you’re out on the tiles every night chipping it off barstools. And its lovely to have pretty toes, especially when someone else has done all the hard work. 🙂

Kiehl’s Gardenia Body Wash

This was a gift from a very wise woman.  I had read other women talking about having a nice shower gel for their hospital bag on online forums and at the time it didn’t seem like something that would be important to me.  I was wrong! This smelled decadent and was so luxurious on my skin.  I had a huge bottle but for the first few weeks after my baby was born I was showering nearly twice daily (more on this later) and I flew through it.  It was a truly lovely thing to have.  It made me feel great.

Mums, do you remember the lovely things you had or did when you were pregnant? Or are there any pregnant ladies at the moment who’d like to share their indulgences?

Treat Yo Self!

5 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self”

  1. Yes to all of these. Although the pedicures and massages would be lovely, the week to week benefits of the pregnancy classes are gorgeous. Never thought I’d eagerly hop out of bed on a Saturday for aqua aerobics, but the bliss when you immerse your expanding bump in warm water and get to feel nearly weightless for an hour is something else!

    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Although my least favourite part was at the end when you climb up the steps and can feel your body getting heavier as the water gets shallower!

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