First-time mums-to-be need to read this

Or more specifically, first-time mums-to-be who are planning to breastfeed should read this great article from the online breastfeeding information Mecca that is Kelly Mom.

I stumbled upon this last night when I was looking for material to show to a doctor who referred to my breastmilk as “dairy”. ( A story for another day because it hasn’t ended yet…). Basically it’s important information about your baby’s “second night”. I wish I had read it before S was born because I really struggled that night. I didn’t understand what was happening, I was exhausted and somewhere floating around the back of my mind was something a midwife had said to me that day about the baby using me as a soother that I took completely out of context and blew out of proportion. Very early in the morning, inconsolable baby, wrecked, confused and feeling totally out of my depth, I remember at one point going downstairs, sitting and bouncing on my birth ball, and singing him songs I thought he might remember and soothe him, in an effort to get him to sleep and not “turn me into a soother”.

I think this article would have made that night and that experience very different. Hey, you know my motto by now, information is power. 🙂

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  1. That’s a great article. While I hadn’t read that particular article before Little Man was born, I had read similar advice (possibly on kellymom too). I actually felt really prepared for that frenzied feeding on the second and third nights. So it was a big shock to me when it didn’t happen! My little guy was almost two weeks early, under seven pounds, and sleepy as anything. Feeding was an exercise in waking him and keeping him awake. Something I hadn’t been prepared for!

    I also remember the “don’t let him turn you into a soother” advice. And like you it seemed to wedge itself into my brain and become far more important than it was. Because my son was so sleepy, feeds would easily last anything from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, and I’d spend half the time thinking “Oh dear… am I making a bad habit here?” Ha! When I think of it now, it seems so laughable. Why didn’t someone say to me “Don’t worry about bad habits for the first six months or even for the first year – there’s nothing that can’t be changed in a few days, at a time when you’ve had more sleep and you’ll be better able to deal with it!!”

    1. An essential reminder for this 2nd time to be mum too! That 2nd night in hospital was horrible for me, and part of what’s made me so determined to get home quickly this time. I was vulnerable, the ward though not overly noisy had its share of comings and goings and I thought I needed people’s permission to do things with my own baby. He just wanted to feed and feed and feed as far as I could see. This article explains that nicely. I knew it was helping up my supply but didn’t understand why that couldn’t happen after I’d had a nice few hours sleep 🙂 I let a midwife take him and give him a top up bottle, which I think about way too much because the last thing mammys need to do is beat themselves up over these things.

      This time I’ll be in my own bed in my own home with my baby as close to his “home” as he needs to be for as long as he wants.

      1. Nobody is harder on the mammies than ourselves. (Thank God because if everyone was giving out to me like I give out to myself I’d be a nervous wreck.) I’m like you if I think about it too much I get a terrible sense of the guilts because I think I let him down when he needed me most. But then I remember that he’s a happy, healthy, chubby, thriving baba and pat myself on the back and think “I did that!” 🙂

    2. You’re just so vulnerable at those early stages it’s easy to see now how little things seemed so huge and how open to suggestion a new mama is.

      Thanks for the comments Lisa – you’re great for the feedback and always give added value to the subject. It’s lovely to hear another perspective and experience.

  2. Eh, for some reason my replies have appeared in the wrong order there! I replied to both separately and in chronological order but they look all funny. Jill, I also love your replies and contributions – please keep them coming! Think I need to stop replying to comments in the dark on my iPhone when I’m feeding the baby to sleep – or at least do a few WordPress tutorials 🙂 xx

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