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Night owl to early bird

They were good times, those times. Those times when I’d go out after work on a Friday, stumble home with a kebab, bag of chips and a little pot of hummus to dip them in and then sleep until well after noon. In fact, I think only with the exception of actually having to get out of bed early for a reason, I probably slept until after midday on every weekend through my twenties.

I was a night owl, you see.  That’s what we call ourselves – those of us who retch at the idea of being awake too early in the morning. I actually did do that a couple of times when I had a part time job in college where sometimes I’d need to be up and about at 6am. The sheer effort of being vertical and dressed would see me having a little heave if I over-exerted myself.

Even when I was pregnant, my body clock maintained its late schedule. I remember being disgusted to discover that prenatal exercise classes were happening as early as 9:30am on Saturday mornings.  Who the fuck is up at that time, I wondered?

These days, with over eighteen months served as a mama to a very busy little man, a 9:30am class seems positively late or maybe just about the right time, considering that breakfast is done and dusted, the washing machine is on, the dishwasher is filled and the few bits from the tumble dryer are folded and tidied away. I’ll even get a cup of coffee finished.

Blogpost: Night Owl to Early Bird Mind The Baby blog
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I find it fascinating that the complete disruption of sleeping patterns caused by the arrival of a new baby has actually had the power to essentially reset my body clock. I’m impressed in fact because it was probably no harm. I must admit, it has taken some time with significant resistence from me at the start but finally, being up and active at 7am no longer seems like the horror it once was. Although I am thankful it’s not 6. Or 5.

It’s made easier of course by having toddler who loves to run around the house and play with his toys while I can busy myself with chores and play with him at the same time. There was many the long, long month where I was just up with a tiny little thing who I couldn’t put down and could do nothing but wait for time to pass. That made for some very long early mornings indeed. But now, it’s kind of refreshing to have a whole day laid out in front of me.

My bug bear these days – and there’s not many people who’ll agree with me on this one I’d say – is that radio doesn’t really get going until 8am on a Saturday with Countrywide on RTE1, followed by Playback, The Business, Saturday Marian and just in the last few months, Claire Byrne.  Lovely. Then on a Sunday, things don’t kick off until 9am where my listening schedule is forced into Newstalk from 9am followed by TodayFM from 10am because Marian doesn’t start on Radio 1 until 11am. I do love my radio current affairs at the weekends. I can’t stand listening to music in the mornings. It makes me sad and uneasy. I think it might be that I can’t put a time and place on it.  When I have the cacophony of voices debating the issues of the day around the kitchen, I feel connected with the world and it’s reassuring that life is going on outside my front door. Early weekend mornings without my talk radio would be very trying indeed.

I think I might just have written a post about the positive side of long term sleep deprivation. Thank God I’m not fighting it any more because I think I’m in it for the long haul now…

8 thoughts on “Night owl to early bird”

  1. Husbag always sticks on records but I SO get the radio thing! It really makes you feel like you’re not a lone soldier early on a Sunday morning. I’m not mad on Countrywide… I wonder how Aine Lawlor and Cathal MacCoille would feel about a weekend Morning Ireland for us?

    Having said that, D now barely allows me hear any of it under constant pleas for different temperature milks & different textured weetabix. Enjoy it!

    1. Yes! I would LOVE a weekend Morning Ireland. You’re a genius.

      I’m not mad about Countrywide either but there’s feck all else on and sometimes they have a gem of a feature that I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else.

  2. I’m not exactly a night owl or an early bird: I like my sleep. Luckily, my husband has flexible working hours, so I take the middle-of-the-night wakings and in return he lets me go back to bed for an hour or two when soembody’s up at 6am.

  3. Oh this happened to me too! There was nothing I liked better than a sleep in on the weekends. But now, I don’t really think anything of a 7am start on a Saturday or Sunday – it seems like a lie in, given that I am usually up at 6am during the week. And even that doesn’t seem too bad because we went through months and months where our son insisted on starting his day at 5am – which was fine for him with his two naps during the day, but a nightmare for us heading out to work. 🙂 Thankfully, he has outgrown that. But I remember heading out to the shops a couple of mornings and being shocked that they weren’t open yet…only to realise that it was 8am on a Saturday morning and all the sane people were at home in bed. Just because I’d already put in three good hours in my day didn’t mean the rest of the world had!

    1. Lol Lisa! I too have often demanded to know why the shops aren’t open yet. I also find it very frustrating when I’m doing a grocery shop in the morning and I can’t buy alcohol. Particularly annoying when the M&S Dine in for €12 deal is on. Who wants four litres of OJ with their dinner? 🙂

  4. I’m the direct opposite – I HAVE to have music in the mornings. I hate Radio 1. I’m depressed enough at being up without listening to them. I hear you though, I put in many, many, many 4am starts. I used to eat my dinner at 11am. I thought the 7am starts would never happen.

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