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Too cute not to share…

Here’s three cute things I couldn’t resist sharing…

1. We played our very first game of hide and seek last night. Dada hid while me and Pip counted to ten. It took three go’s before he realised that he shouldn’t follow dada while we were counting, and four for him to realise it was a full game. He was absolutely delighted with himself the last time when he bent down to look under a bed and he could see dada hiding on the other side. Hysterical laughter and dancing up and down ensued. The lesson for mama and dada was it’s probably not the best game to play before bedtime. 🙂

2. Pip has started doing this precious thing where when he’s walking past me in the house, on his way to play or when I’m pottering, he’ll wrap both arms around one of my legs to give it a big hug and say “than koo” (thank you). I’ve no idea why, or where the thank you is coming from, but its adorable!

Too cute  not to share Mind The Baby Blog
“Baby Bay’ee Button”
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3. We’re all about the belly buttons at the moment. “Where’s baby belly button?”, “where’s mama’s belly button?” and lifting up tops to stick his finger in. His own belly button is hilariously sensitive and he nearly doubles over if you pop it with your finger. He also says “belly” like he’s a French kid, dropping the double l’s – “bay’ee”. Curiously enough, he says “pillow” the same way – “pee-yow”. Maybe we won’t tell him about the dropped “th’s” and flat vowels of the Irish for the moment. Baby bay’ee button is too cute.

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  1. Oh that’s so lovely….I love the leg-hugs, it’s so instinctive in babies to hug isn’t it. Can’t wait to get my first “thank you” from my little guy – think we’re a long way off that! but the hugs are fab in the meantime

  2. love those hugs… When i put Anna to bed at night I whisper lots of “I love you’s’ as I am walking to the door. When I get to the door I say a final, louder, ‘I Love you’ and Anna says, ‘Tanz, Mam’. Heart melt.

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