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I heart my baby daddy

It is not his birthday. It is not our anniversary. It’s not a special occasion. It’s just a regular old Tuesday, like any other Tuesday. Like any other day.

Our lives are made up of regular old days when nothing special happens and everyone is just getting on with it, so this is the day to dedicate a post to my baby daddy. Just a regular old day is exactly when his praises should be sung from the rooftops because he is special always, not just on special days.

If I had to pick a daddy for my babies, which funnily enough I did, it would be this guy. But I didn’t pick him to be a father, I picked him because he is an incredible man. A beautiful man, in mind and body. An intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, creative, talented, loving, strong, focused, disciplined, bloody-minded, hilarious, geeky, pensive, calm man. Who I didn’t actually pick of course because it doesn’t work that way. Our paths crossed and then aligned, so here we are.

He is a wonderful father who cares deeply about his fathering. He knows how important he is to his son, and the influence he has and will have on his life, and he reflects that in their relationship and their interaction. He is a champion roughhouser – as daddies should be – and has an innate sense of how much playacting is just enough to tip boundaries for both fun and development, but not too much that anyone gets hurt! He is empathetic, intuitive and a huge source of comfort to our son when he’s not well or upset or hurt. He has a childlike sense of humour, which translates into antics that fill our house with peels of laughter on a daily basis. He’s our disciplinarian, firm but fair.

When the chips are down, he’s there holding the fort, the family, the child. He’s an action man, ready to spring at a moment’s notice. He is the best multitasker I have ever met, particularly when it comes to the child/cooking/cleaning combo and puts me to deep shame on a regular basis when sometimes everything looks worse than when he left it if I’m in charge. He’s a gentle educator, teaching our son small but important things through play, each and every day. He is a natural. As a family, we are truly blessed that he is a part of us.

I love him more than words can say. His son loves him without the words to say. They are buddies as only the kindred spirits of fathers and sons can be.

He almost sounds too good to be true. But he is true and very, very real. Sometimes, no scratch that, a lot of the time, in the regularity of the regular old days, sometimes I forget to tell him. Even though my heart and soul know it and the core of my very being knows it without having to think about it, sometimes these things need to be said out loud.

He’s one in a billion.

baby daddy copyright Mind the Baby blog I heart my baby daddy I heart my baby daddy.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww! Big, ugly tears. Your baby daddy is lucky to have you too. What a BEAUTIFUL family, and a gorgeous sentiment to share on a dirty aul Tuesday evening. Thanks for sharing with us xxxx

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