Review: Jazzing up the kitchen with a photo on canvas from asked me recently if I’d like to review their canvas photo service. The timing couldn’t have been better because we had been talking about getting some of our photographs done up on canvas to display in our home to make it more “us”. We’ve only been in our house for a couple of years so we’re always slowly doing small things to make it more homey.  We’ve a good few picture frames up but we’ve some blank walls that could benefit from something with more impact and I find it’s so hard to get a piece of art that a) suits your room and b) is meaningful. Cue canvasses of our own photos! Mr Mind The Baby is an excellent photographer and we literally have thousands of photos we could choose from.

I decided on quite a large canvas because I thought that size would go well on our kitchen wall. When we browsed through our photo collection, we realised quickly we didn’t want any pictures of ourselves blown up to a freakish size because that would just be creepy! We narrowed it down to a few nice abstract ones that all had fond memories for us. I had terrible trouble trying to pick one but PhotoBox made the decision for me in the end!

When you login to the website and choose the canvas size, PhotoBox invites you to upload and select the photographs you’d like to have printed. A very helpful sad face appeared beside all of my photos because they just weren’t of a high enough quality to look good on the canvas size I had chosen. I picked the photo with the biggest file size and then worked my way down through the canvas sizes until I had a perfect match (and a happy green face 🙂 ). I went with a 16″ x 12″ classic canvas which wrapped around the edges, filled in my details and hey presto that was it! It was printed within 24 hours and was at my door a week later. I had worried that there was potential for the canvas to get damaged in transit but when I saw the packaging I realised there wasn’t a hope of that.

The photo we chose in the end was one Mr Mind The Baby took on the June bank holiday weekend in 2006 when the radio station TodayFM held a charity duck race in the River Liffey. The duck race itself was a disaster, if anyone remembers, but it was a scorching day and we got some beautiful photos. Copyright All rights reserved Mind The Baby Blog Review: Jazzing Up the Kitchen with a Photobox Photo on Canvas

Here it is displayed proudly on our kitchen wall.

As a service, it’s pricey enough with costs ranging from €43.99 plus delivery for a 12 x 8 classic canvas right up to €93.49 for a massive 30 x 20 one (I think this might be canvas printing in general though) but PhotoBox seem to have regular promotions and sales so it might be worth keeping an eye for a discount. That said, when you’re talking about a feature piece that will probably be on your wall for a long time, it’s definitely worth the investment. I have to tell you, I have three or four more lined up in my head that I’d like to get done for elsewhere in the house. I’d absolutely love to have a massive one for Pip’s bedroom. But remember file size, file size, file size!

Visit PhotoBox for a canvas print of your own.

Disclosure: PhotoBox provided me with a credit to cover the cost of ordering a classic canvas print from their website for the purpose of the review. No other payment was received. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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