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The curious incident of the toddler in the physio session

The toddler did the most curious thing there recently.

He was playing cars with his Dad in the living room while my sister, a very talented physiotherapist, had me prostrate on the carpet at the other end of the room performing miracles on my dodgy back.

He wasn’t paying a blind bit of attention to us until I let out a yelp at a particularly painful but deft manoeuvre performed by the sis. His head snapped up and a little worried voice said “mama?”

“Oh here we go”, said my sis and next thing he was over like a shot beside us. “Mama?” he said again.

“I’m fine lovey, it’s okay”, I assured him. A little unconvinced he started to bring me over his cars one by one.

“Yes, here come the presents. And now the nasty look at the mean lady hurting his mama” said my sis. Sure enough, after he’d finished gifting me with the cars, he stopped and stared at her like she was a complete stranger, giving her the evil eye.

How fascinating! Fascinating that he reacted like that in the first place and fascinating that she knew it would happen. It seems its a reasonably common occurrence for her in her practice when she’s treating mothers who bring in their children aged anywhere between 1 and 4ish. If they sense their mother is in pain, they’re up and over to soothe her and assess the perpetrator of her discomfort. She said once she even got a “I love you mammy” from one particularly anxious little lady. Sweet!

Apparently the older ones don’t give a hoot and carry on reading or gaming away.

It’s nice to know my little man has got my back when the chips are down.

Isn’t that interesting?!

Anyone have a similar experience?

4 thoughts on “The curious incident of the toddler in the physio session”

  1. Ah bless that’s so sweet. Mad he shut out his Aunty for you.
    4yo had to come to blood tests with me recently and he’s too young to leave outside. He sobbed his heart out even though I assured him I was grand.

    1. Ah the poor little fella! Funnily enough, I remember doing the same when my mum brought me to one of her antenatal appointments when I was around the same age. Wow! Just remembered that!

  2. Hilarious imagining your sister getting the side eye like that from her nephew. That must have been such a lovely feeling seeing baby bear protective of momma bear.

    I’m racking my brains to think of an example. I’ve had sympathy when I’ve been upset, but not at the hands of anyone else that I can think of. If I’m tired and emotional and crying and the little guy if he sees me asks did I hurt my finger (or whatever his most recent injury had been). He’ll also offer a “mwah” (kiss) to make it better.

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