Things I miss about child-free holidays

Greetings from the sunny South East!

We are enjoying a break away to the seaside and having a rip roaring time while the sun beams down on us. Hurray!

This is our first proper summer holiday as a family of three. We didn’t take a summer break last year as I wasn’t long back from maternity leave. There was a very enjoyable week away in November but it was cold and rainy so no sandcastles or high season activities to do.

While I’m very much enjoying the break, there is no denying the world of difference between holidays pre-kids and holidays post-kids. I’ve compiled a short list of the things I miss about pre-children holidays. Are you ready?

1. Sitting down for more than two minutes.
2. Staying in bed til, say, midday, thinking about getting up, having a ride instead and then getting up for breakfast at 1ish.
2a. Not getting up at 6:30am every single day.
3. Going to a local cafe for a coffee, maybe a read of the paper and an auld gawk around at the coming and goings.
3a. Not having two mouthfuls of coffee then taking turns at chasing the toddler around the tables and apologising to every second person.
4. Choosing to not enter the Irish Sea in a swimsuit.
5. Not having to engage military tactics to get sunscreen on a wriggling, screaming, slapping two year old.
6. Reading a book a day. Reading any book.
7. Sharing a bottle of wine at lunchtime.
8. Spontaneously deciding on dinner plans.
9. Getting to finish a sandcastle before it gets demolished by tiny feet who clearly don’t understand the time and effort that goes into building a four turret fortress with a fully functioning moat.
10. Coming home from your holiday feeling well rested.

Just observations, that’s all! 🙂

What do you miss about your child-free holidays?


10 thoughts on “Things I miss about child-free holidays”

    1. Remember??? “What’ll we do for dinner? Sure lets head out and see what we stumble on. Might have a drink first?…” 🙂

  1. 7 years on and I still bring about 4-5 books on holidays with me and bring them home unread!!!! I have adjusted to many changes as a parent but still find it hard to remember re the holidays How much things have changed for us!!!

  2. The sleeps, how I miss the sleeps. And the “feckit sure we’ll have another glass of wine”, and yes, the books. And remember leaving for a daytrip without juice bottles and wipes and a nappy bag? But for balance think of all the playing and laughing together, the memory making. I love holidays:)

  3. Great article to be honest. Of course everyone with young children is going to miss not being able to do things like the old days. It’s about being a responsible parent & I don’t think me and the wife would swap it for the world. Food for thought! Keep up the good work! Ryan.

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