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Generation Sex

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Sexy parents frolicking
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Do you remember when you were little and you might catch your mam and dad having a little peck on the lips? “Ewwwwwww!” And they’d laugh and either do it again or move away? Even if they held hands – gross.

When I was in sixth class and we were all passing around the heavily thumbed, loose-leaved copy of Judy Blume’s Forever, one of my buddies – the youngest of three – brazenly asked her parents when was the last time they had sex. She bounded in to school to tell us that they answered (it was last week) and we were all suitably appalled. A-ppalled!

When last week did they do that? Where was she? We wanted to picture it but didn’t know what sex looks like, but thought it might look like that black and white pencil drawing in the period book, and also it’s her parents. Gross!

Don’t even get me started on the teenage years. The idea of your parents having sex or even worse “making love” would actually send some people into an angry rage. It was just inconceivable to imagine your parents as sexual beings. How dare they? It’s disgusting.

I don’t know about you, but my parents only had sex exactly four times. I have three siblings. Lalalalalala.

The funny thing is, we’re all terribly sexy though aren’t we? Sure why wouldn’t we be? – we’re hot, our other halves are hot. We have sexy thoughts and tingles. We talk about sex – having it, not having it, wanting it, dreading it – ALL OF THE TIME.

I am presuming we’re going to continue like this for many more years to come, in all its dips and weaves: What happens when the kids start bursting in the bedroom door? What if they can hear us? The whoops of delight when they have a sleepover somewhere once in a blue moon? Looking forward to them heading off to college when there’s the teeniest of chances the untethered freedom of our pre-children sex life might make a comeback. We’ve talked about the cockblocking before…

Who knew our parents were at this? Living, breathing, passionate, sweaty, hungry, sexual beings with needs and desires who just happened to have kids too. Feckin hell. Respect.

We just won’t be talking about it at Sunday dinner.

Sex? Parents? Thoughts?


16 thoughts on “Generation Sex”

  1. That is an excellent post, I can’t stop laughing, especially at the drawing in the period book!!!!! I, for the sake of my mental health have no thoughts on the subject…..But there are 6 of us and we know for a fact the last one was a surprise!!

    1. Christine, I’m not sure if I understand what Joanna is trying to say here about surprises. It makes me uncomfortable.

      Do you remember that period book Joanna? It looked like a church leaflet or something – with staples in the middle. Refreshingly (in hindsight) it was a drawing with the woman lying on top of the man. All carefully draped arms and legs so you couldn’t see anything. That’s how I picture all parents having sex – when I’m desperately trying to not picture it. Which doesn’t happen all the time by the way, just when it comes up like.

      1. I remember it NOW….I had happily erased it from my memory until I read your post! We are all uncomfortable together here.

    1. Lol! Never thought of it that way before.

      I do know a woman who responded to an aunt’s question about anything stirring there with “and how’s your sex life?” Said aunt was suitably mortified 🙂

  2. My fifteen year old self was horrified when my mother announced she was expecting my sister. My seventeen year old self was at least as horrified when she made a similar announcement that my brother, the youngest of 6 was on the way, I was in first year in college and thought it was nothing short of disgusting.

    1. Oh wow! Right there in your own house! The upside is you got the reward of a lovely brother and sister to appease your mortification.
      I’d say it was awful though. What did your friends say???

  3. My youngest (11) and I had a “growing up conversation” last week. She asked straight up “Do you and Dad still have sex?”. I answered yes and as we had not completed the conversation she said “so where are the babies?”. It all got even more complicated and odd when we had to skip to contraception.
    She is my fourth child and I cannot believe after all this time this was the most challenging birds and the bees talks ever, for me, not her!

        1. And there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the comment of the year! Thank you Tric, you’ve just made my morning. Lol! 🙂

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