The National Maternity Hospital’s Home Birth Symposium in Numbers

The National Maternity Hospital, or Holles Street, in Dublin held a symposium on home birth in the very swanky Gibson Hotel on Monday. Organised by the hospital’s community midwives team, it was a fascinating day with a huge selection of speakers from across the Irish maternity system and it was great to get an insight into how the professionals working on the frontline feel about home birth in Ireland and maternity services in general. Continue reading The National Maternity Hospital’s Home Birth Symposium in Numbers

9 utterly useless baby products I wasted my money on

The anticipation of the pending arrival of a first baby gives most of us a terrible dose of consumeritis. New baby on the way? Get the stuff in. ALL OF THE STUFF. When you haven’t got a clue what to expect and websites, magazines and work colleagues have a “list” that they want to share with you, it can be very hard to tell the wheat from the chaff when it comes to getting ready for a baby. I was no exception to this rule and bought plenty of tat that we had to have that just never got used. I thought I might share with you today the 9 most useless things that I bought when I was pregnant or in the first couple of weeks with a tiny baby.  Without much further ado and in no particular order: Continue reading 9 utterly useless baby products I wasted my money on

Should we be trusting the system more?

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One of my most popular posts on the blog is one I wrote earlier this year on tongue-tie in Ireland. It gets a lot of traffic and also a lot of discussion as you can see from the comments. A reader recently contacted me to tell me about her own journey towards getting her second baby’s tongue-tie diagnosed and treated. On a long path that started, like most of us, with some intense online research and ended with a serendipitous personal recommendation for a Dublin doctor, she managed to get a happy resolution to her situation and has gone on to have a very successful breastfeeding relationship with her son with mastitis and cracked nipples long behind her. Continue reading Should we be trusting the system more?

Putting my money where my mouth is

Many moons ago, not long after my maternity leave finished and I was back at work, I made a passing comment on one of my blog posts about where and how I saw myself since becoming a mother. I wrote:

“I had a light bulb moment yesterday at my desk where I suddenly asked myself what I was doing here? Not in a “I should be home with my baby way” (I do feel that too) but in a “am I doing justice to my son, my skills, my abilities, my hopes, my dreams by doing this job right here right now?” way. Should I be pursuing passion and excellence? If I’m going to work and be away from my baby, should the work be really meaningful and worthy of consuming my family’s time? Or then again, do I need to embrace this wonderfully flexible and supportive workplace I’m in…and take advantage of it to the benefit of my family, at least for the foreseeable future? This is just what is running through my head at the moment and perhaps it’s fleeting as I settle back in. But maybe there’s something stirring in me. Time will tell I suppose…” Continue reading Putting my money where my mouth is