Christmas reading: A 2013 bloggy round up

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It’s that lovely time of year again when people switch off and really concentrate on spending quality time with family and friends. We’re winding down here ourselves chez Mind The Baby and looking forward to a lovely Christmas with the very first kinda sorta maybe realisation that Mr Claus will be paying us a visit this year. Top of the list from Santa is “decorations” followed by “another decorations” so if nothing else the bar is suitably low.

We had our first brush with toddler overwhelm yesterday at a family event where small children got heaps of presents. It all played out like I remember our own Christmases as children – amazement that these toys were actually for him, followed by having to open everything, some intense and high spirited playing and then of course the tired and emotional crying climax when it all got too much. It’s the Christmas template really.

I know I find myself getting overwhelmed with the heat, overindulgence and entertaining over the Christmas holidays too. I like to take a quiet few minutes to just be by myself in a cool room for a few minutes and maybe have a quick read of something. I thought others might feel the same, so I’ve put together a little list of some of my favourite blogposts from my fellow bloggers during 2013 that you can dip in and out of if you’re looking for a breather for yourself. I’ve split them into categories so that you know what you’re getting!

First up, some comedy gold:

Dear Miley Cyrus: Wholesome Ireland writes to the pop starlet as a concerned Irish mother

In Heard from a Dundrum Escalator, Ciara from Ouch My Fanny Hurts gets judged by some wimmin for feeding her kids carrot sticks – the crispy kind, not the veggie kind. To add insult to injury, things get shitty, literally, in The Flood, A Shitty Story.

I’ve a hat trick for you from funny gal (and that’s official, this year’s blog awards honoured her so!) At The Clothesline. Start with birthday party madness in The Pool Party – A Whole New Level of Embarrassment, move on to a very sensible top ten list in Things I Am Banning from my House and finish up with Chapters that are Missing from Pregnancy Books.

If you fancy some tea/mulled wine through your nose, go for Two Months with My Mother-in-Law from Go Dad Go.

If you’d like to read some great posts about birth, check out:

Mind, Body, Baby from Awfully Chipper. Learner Mama wrote a fantastic preparation guide based on her own experiences for mothers who know they’ll be having a C-section.

There’s been some incredible writing about breastfeeding this year but I picked out three special ones that I think might resonate with mums in special circumstances who feel they might be the only ones. Office Mum wrote about her difficult breastfeeding experience with her third baby due to undiagnosed tongue-tie. Lisa from wrote a lovely post about heading back to work after her second baby and her first experience of continuing to breastfeed while returning to the workplace. Awfully Chipper told us about how it felt to no longer be a nursing mother after seven years when her five year old daughter weaned.

Sleeping! Who doesn’t want to know they’re not the only ones there?!

Dancing with Dirty Feet reckons Sleep is for the Weak, whereas Office Mum dances around the potential realisation of that elusive term “sleeping through the night” in STTN. talked about the concept of “good babies” and what it really means when people ask you if you have one.

Striking chords

As part of our Irish Parenting Bloggers baby shower back in February, Kate Takes 5 wrote a very funny, tongue-in-cheek post called 10 Things They Should Tell You About Having a Girl. As a feminist herself, she was a bit surprised to find herself the target of some over-zealous activists.

Looking for Blue Sky brought to our attention that special needs children were being locked into rooms by themselves in schools for hours on end. Separately, she also wrote about when she realised she wasn’t coping so well. Tric from Thoughts on a Page wrote about the dilemma of leaving her daughter alone in the company of a man for the first time in her life. She had good reason to hesitate.

On Mothering

I loved these two contemplative posts: What I Know from Mama Courage and Doing It Right: What I Knew Before I Had Kids from Dreaming Aloud.

2013 was a great year for blogging! 2014 will be even better. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Were there any blogposts that you really loved this year? Link them in the comments below!

Happy Christmas – and happy reading – everyone.



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  1. Great summary, great reading and thanks for the mention!

    I will take up the offer to add some more that – one that really caught my attention earlier in the year from Bumbles of Rice: The Happiness Project

    And another from Awfully Chipper: Notes on Re-entry

    And I really liked this from Dr How’s Science Wows because you can’t go wrong with a hug!

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