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You may have noticed this new little badge over here on the right hand side that says “I write for”.

I’m very excited to be involved with this brand new Irish parenting magazine that just launched in the last couple of weeks. It’s the brainchild of a number of us bloggers who have been looking around for a while now for something that is relevant to us – where we are in our lives, how we parent, how we think, stuff that makes us laugh, topics we’re interested in  – and up until now we haven’t been able to find it. So we’ve decided to do it ourselves!

We like to think it’s a little bit more realistic about what it’s like to be a parent in 21st century Ireland. It’s got the honest and gritty, the highs and lows, and proper useful tips that you might like but don’t have to use. You definitely won’t find perscriptive stuff because there’s one thing we’re all fully aware of: there’s no one way, and there’s definitely no black and white!

So come on over and visit us on

Here’s some of what you’ve missed so far:

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And these two gems from me:

11 things you need to know about having a baby

5 ways to make your blow dry last longer – don’t laugh, this is critical information for mothers going back to work 🙂

And there’s so much more! Looking forward to chatting to you over there. – Because We Said So.






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