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Oh it’s here! Why? has arrived

Oh it’s here! And it’s ON! I always knew this day was coming. Initially I thought we might have swapped it for an alternative stage called “What’s that? What’s it doing?“, which is a two-part ponderance that has been applied to literally anything and everything in the last few months. Even when whatever that is does not actually “do” something. (What’s that? It’s a wall. What’s it doing? – do you see what I mean?)

But no! Why? arrived this week! We welcome it with open arms! It’s like sudoko, existentialism and honours history all rolled into one pop quiz, hotshot.

Let’s get in the car!


Because it’s time to go to creche.


Because mama and dada have to go to work.


(Bloody good question) To earn money.


So we can buy food and nice things for you.


Score! I’ve accepted the challenge to treat it like a game. I can win or lose. A win is to end a why? conversation with a yeah, because then it feels like the inquisitor has been satisfied with the information provided. A lose is if the why? conversation ends with me being forced into an I don’t know response (dammit!). At the moment I’m enjoying trying to give really thoughtful and considered answers to the questions.

Stop sniggering down the back! I know. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Although I’m still very proud of my answer about why daddies don’t feed babies with their nittles. (Because their nittles aren’t big like mammies’ nittles. Touché to me. He still reckons he can feed babies with his nittles though. I suppose that’s fair enough.)

There’s also a scoreboard – how many whys? can I keep answering before the interrogation ends. So far, I’ve scored an impressive seven. Well, I think it’s impressive.

Altogether now…why?

10 thoughts on “Oh it’s here! Why? has arrived”

  1. Aw,the why stage!It fills me with excitement and anxiety!I like that you be made a game out of it-anything to keep your sanity intact eh?

  2. We are getting close to the why stage with number 2 and I’m dreading it. I find giving slightly more complicated or technical answers tends to quiet my oldest, so I will continue that with my youngest.

  3. Why haunts me to this day, don’t think I ever recovered! My best friends little boy was the worst. He even frustrated himself, and one day he turned to her and said, “Mom, why do I keep saying why?”.
    Long may you feel this enthusiasm for “why”.

  4. Answering the why’s is like doing a PhD in philosophy. Except they have no intention of letting you research or study, you must have the answer to hand.

    This evening I had to list all the animals that people might bring to a vet, and how they would get there. One of our cats has been taken this evening, in a cat carrier – a fish goes in a fish carrier was not acceptable however.

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