First world problems – retail chrometophobia

I have a hundred euro.

I’ve had it for nearly three weeks now. Someone gave it to me as a gift to spend on myself and myself only.

It is a wonderful, unexpected gift that I have been regularly dreaming about for months now.

There’s only one problem. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong. I can think of one hundred million ways of spending it when I put my mind to it. But it’s been such a long time that I’ve had that much money to spend all on myself – and not little boy clothes, toys, food, bills, unwelcome surprise items etc – that I’m terrified that I’ll spend it badly.

What if I make a rash decision and then regret it and the money’s all gone? Of all the things I really want, what do I want the most? What do I need the most? A bag. Some new clothes. New underwear? Make up? What? Do I want a bunch of little things? Do I want one big thing? But what if I need other thing? Ahhhhhhhh!

I literally have retail phobia. Every time I darken the door of a shop with a view to even *thinking* about spending it, I panic. I’ve picked things up and put them down. Is it a bit boring? A bit samey? A bit too frivolous? Is it worth that much? Is it too cheap? Feck sake!

I went as far as trying on a dress in Hobbs there a couple of weeks ago. I had the little fella with me so you can imagine how much fun the dressing room was. I really liked the dress but it was the full one hundred euro and I wasn’t sure if I loved it a hundred euro much. I reckoned in the end the V neck didn’t sit just right on me and therefore wasn’t worth the money, so I put it back.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Hobbs, but their sales assistants are pushy stalkers. Stalkers! I wasn’t two seconds out of the dressing room and a “friendly” lady wanted to know why I didn’t like it. I explained about the V neck whereupon she looked me up and down and asked me if “I had a good bra on”. Read: “it’s not our dress lady, it’s your saggy tits.” (NB. It wasn’t my saggy tits. My tits are a lot of things but saggy is not one of them.)

On the off chance anyone from Hobbs is reading this, I don’t recommend this as a tactic to sell more dresses. I have a hundred euro to spend, and you’re not getting it. Take that note.

So, here I am, weighed down with a hundred euro that is coming in danger of being absorbed into the houshold budget with every day that passes, and it’s burning a hole in my pocket. I’d say your heart is only breaking for me.

First world problems.

Suggestions in a comment box please!

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12 thoughts on “First world problems – retail chrometophobia”

  1. Pampering?Pedicure,massage-yes technically you ve nothing to show for your moolah,unlike shoes or clothes but a little me time and looking good would be worth a lot more than a dress,at least to me right now!

  2. Oh I couldn’t spend it on a beauty treatment like a facial, but I could spend it on hair cut & colour though – have to have something to show for it. Oh the luxury of being able to do more than *just* about afford a cut every few months.

    And on the opposite side, I’d spend it on new runners.

    Something you’ll see every day, or use every (most) days.

  3. I definitely second the getting your hair done – a few hours of pampering and me time that can be visible for a few weeks, the effect of taking the time is much more valuable!

    1. Ordinarily, I’d totally be with you both on the hair thing. But I got the auld balayage done for my birthday last month so I’ll get another six months out of that 🙂

      Oh, I’d say you’re only CRYIN with sympathy for me at this stage.

  4. Yeah, I’d get something special that I wouldn’t normally fork out for. Something not on the sale rail. A really nice dress, but not if I’ve nowhere to wear it. More likely, for me, would be a nice bag. I’d buy a good bag. The perfect bag.

    Hmm. I need a perfect bag…

  5. Go to one of those fancy food shops (eg Fallon and Byrne) and spend it all on gourmet goodies you would never normally buy. I’d much rather that than a dress, Hobbs can feck off!

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