Tales of parenting moments gone by

My “baby” is fast approaching his third birthday at the end of this month. The sun has shone every June since he arrived into the world and at this time every year I find myself thinking “it was a beautiful day like this when my labour started and our baby was born.” It’s like it was only yesterday and yet, so long ago too. A friend sent me an old photo recently that she had on her phone from when he was about six months old, and I barely recognised those chubby cheeks and gorgeous rolls of fat. Continue reading Tales of parenting moments gone by

A trip to Airfield Farm

Airfield farm, cafe and gardens in Dundrum is Dublin’s only working farm open to the public. It re-opened a couple of months ago following a big refurbishment.

We’re not too far from the farm so having found ourselves at a loose end last Friday, myself and the small boy decided that we’d toddle along for a look at some animals and maybe a nice brunch afterwards. Continue reading A trip to Airfield Farm

Pinterest fail – how not to make a tin foil river

So I’m not a crafty person at all. If I make things, I’m following someone else’s brilliant idea but always to the letter because I’m completely clueless when it comes to this kind of thing. If it looks complicated or involves lots of “stuff”, I’m out. But when Sara from Where Is My Mind? shared a very cool picture of a tin foil river from Pinterest, I knew I just had to try it because it looked like some serious craic. Continue reading Pinterest fail – how not to make a tin foil river