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My ultimate tip for new mums (and dads)

This came to me in a flash yesterday because even three years later I have to remind myself to do it and it’s something every mum and dad needs to do as soon as the thought occurs to them and they have the time to act on it.

This tip transcends all parenting styles and preferences. It applies to every single new mother at home with her newborn baby no matter how she feeds them, where they sleep,ย what kind of nappies they wear etc. It applies to dads too when they’re the primary caregiver and there’s no one to give them a five minute dig out. It even applies to parents with children who are long passed the baby stage and know that each time it happens they can’t believe they fell for it again.

It’s actually the ultimate parenting tip. It’s not a “have a read of this and see if it sits well with you and then have a think about whether you’d like to do it or not” tip. It’s a “just do it” tip.

And here it is:

Ultimate Tip for New Mums (and Dads) - Mind The Baby

Because if you don’t, you can be guaranteed that in an hour’s time when your bladder is going to burst you’re so desperate to go to the loo, something will have happened that will make sure that you can’t get to a toilet for ages. And you will be crossing your legs, jumping up and down or just being generally uncomfortable with your full bladder status.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Since my second c-section my bladder has lost a bit of sensitivity. Which means I can now hold my pee for long long loooong periods without realising I have to go. Que the ten minute trip to the loo when my husband gets home from work lol!

  2. This is a great tip for anyone of any age, either gender, new parent or not. My husband often says if he has a few spare minutes with nothing to do, he goes to pee. I, on the other hand, spent YEARS at the office, regularly sitting at my desk, having to pee for an hour or more, but reluctant to go, because the ladies’ restroom was such a long walk down the hall — then wondering why I was so unhappy and had all these UTIs. Friends, take a page from my husband’s book, not mine!

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