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Ode to the humble breadstick

Breadstick, oh breadstick

Can I compare thee to a miracle worker?

Before, I only knew you as that restaurant condiment that made me bloated and drink too much wine before my food arrived

But now I realise that I underestimated your greatness

You are the car snack that means the difference between a torturous commute of whinging and a pleasant one filled with chats and pleasantries

You are the life saver that takes the edge off a toddler hunger while I will the dinner to cook faster

You are the old reliable when the snacks of kings – toast, pitta, bagel, yoghurt, banana, apple, waffles, fish fingers and brioche – have been rejected

You are, when all else is lost in the middle of a tantrum of all tantrums, the antedote suggested and sought out by the little man himself when I have forgotten all about you.

You are made of olive oil

You are cheap and you stack well in the cupboard

You are humble in your simplicity, but that simplicity beguiles your genius

You are awesome

We heart you

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  1. I will be writing similar odes next week in Italy (aaah) when breadsticks are the only thing standing between my son and starvation at every meal out.

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