Spelling everything like a M-U-P-P-E-T

Watching adults spell out words in conversations around children has always annoyed the shit out of me. We’ve all seen the films where someone spells some suggestive word and the kid immediately says “Dad, what does knockers mean?” or whatever. You also sound like an idiot s-p-e-l-l-i-ng out words in the middle of a sentence, especially when you do it more than o-n-c-e. But I’m just going to go right ahead and add it to the list of annoying things parents do. Continue reading Spelling everything like a M-U-P-P-E-T

Hamilton v HSE: an update and clarification

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post about the Hamilton v HSE High Court case that saw Justice Sean Ryan set a couple of precedents that have very serious implications for pregnant women in Ireland and the concept of informed consent.

I was very surprised – pleasantly, mind you – by the attention the article got. It got so much traffic it crashed my website. Thankfully my hosting company came to the rescue and made sure everyone who wanted to read it, could.  Continue reading Hamilton v HSE: an update and clarification

Dear Disney brand manager, what were you thinking?

Dear Disney brand manager,

I appreciate that you are probably one of about 10,000 brand managers who approves the use of Mickey Mouse’s head on gazillions of merchandise. I imagine that every single one of you has a desk that is probably overflowing with all manner of pieces of crap and you are driven demented with pencils, toothpaste, knickers, suitcases, lunchboxes ad nauseum. But seriously, that aside, one of you really dropped the ball this one. Continue reading Dear Disney brand manager, what were you thinking?

The perfect birth

Around about this time three years ago, I was labouring in my kitchen. It was a beautiful summer’s day and we had thrown open all the windows to let the light and air fill the room. Midsummer poured in on top of us. My husband and midwife were with me. I remember circling around the kitchen island, stopping every now and then to stoop down and support my body during a contraction, while my husband silently applied counter-pressure to my back. I remember being in the birth pool with him at my head breathing me through each surge while my midwife poured warm water on my back. I felt safe, so supported, strong…and happy. Continue reading The perfect birth