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Dear Disney brand manager, what were you thinking?

Dear Disney brand manager,

I appreciate that you are probably one of about 10,000 brand managers who approves the use of Mickey Mouse’s head on gazillions of merchandise. I imagine that every single one of you has a desk that is probably overflowing with all manner of pieces of crap and you are driven demented with pencils, toothpaste, knickers, suitcases, lunchboxes ad nauseum. But seriously, that aside, one of you really dropped the ball this one.

Please observe exhibit A in the picture at the top of this post.

Do you notice anything unusual?

Yes, it is a pair of Mickey Mouse branded socks. You will note that Mickey Mouse’s head is present. You will also note that instead of his eyes, nose and mouth, we can see a big M. So far so good, right?

Oh Jaysus no.

See if this was a pair of some cutesy retro socks for an overgrown teenage girl or an object d’art in an abstract Mickey retrospective, everything would be a-ok.

Instead, they are a pair of regular old socks for a three year old who can’t read.

“It’s Mickey! No, that’s not Mickey! Where are his eyes gone? Mickey’s got no eyes! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS EYES MAMA? Where’s his mouth? They’re not Mickey socks. Where are my Mickey socks? I don’t want those. Where are Mickey’s eyes gone? I want different ones”

Disney brand manager or franchise manager or “dedicated Mickey sock user experience channel marketing manager” or whatever they’re calling you these days, I put it to you that you are possibly child-free. Or perhaps overworked and jaded. Maybe over-exposed to your own brand and can’t see the eyes for the ears, so to speak. But PLEASE, please, don’t mess with Mickey’s face. Leave his eyes in. Or else you can come to my house and put his socks on. You choose.

Yours in exasperation,

Mind The Baby x

10 thoughts on “Dear Disney brand manager, what were you thinking?”

  1. A Mickey MASSACRE…………

    I love Mickey marketing. We went to Disney Paris a few years ago and eat in Cafe Mickey. You had to say I love Mickey over and over again to the staff. Never seen the husband looks so uncomfortable as I sat back giggling maturely 🙂

    I love Mickey but yes this is a big Mickey fail

  2. Mmmmmm, I didn’t actually SEE the giant M in place of Mickey’s face at first. From a distance and on this smallish iPad screen, the square in each Mickey head looked like a computer chip. Kinda creepy. In any case, I have NEVER liked faces that lack eyes. Years ago, some manufacturer came out with a Teddy bear that had no eyes. Couldn’t stand to look at all those blind bears on the store shelf. Don’t want blind sox either, thank you.

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