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Pop quiz, hot shot

Pop quiz, hot shot.

Got a small child who likes trains? Let’s test your mettle shall we? This is a Leaving Cert honours question right here.

Identify the characters in the picture above.

If your answer was:

A: Two trains, WTF are you talking about?

You’re not at the races, sunshine. Get your coat.

B: Two Thomas the Tank Engines

You’re a rookie, soldier. You have approximately 1,000 hours of 19 series of TTTE ahead of you. Both the UK and US versions. Plus some feature length films. Go!

C: Thomas and Gordon.

Congratulations. You’ve passed intermediate TTTE studies with a gold star for merit. You’re still 50% wrong though.

D: Edward and Gordon.

Your little sensei has taught you well, grasshopper. Congratulations, you have graduated to TTTE university and may now apply for your PhD. God help you, you poor fucker.

See, this is Thomas. Sure they look nothing alike.

Pop quiz, hot shot - Mind The Baby
Photo courtesy of www.thomasandfriends.com

We’ve recently added Porter to our collection. It was a toss up between himself and Salty, but Porter won in the end and Salty was returned to the shelf for another day. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Lucky you. Hardcore TTTE fans in this house so we are, and I pity the fool who mixes the trains up.

PS: Brownie points for getting the two cross-generational pop cultural references that top and tail this post. No googling. If you do google them and say “oh they were before my time”, take your firm, taut, youthful ass away off my blog. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pop quiz, hot shot”

    1. I would say the eyebrows and the noses! Although Gordon, being the express, is a much bigger train than Thomas and Edward so he’s easy to figure out. If you’re not fully paying attention it’s easy to mix up those two! 🙂

  1. Snap! we have a 3 year old who loves Thomas trains. His favourites are Diesel 10, Spencer and Emily. I’m always amazed that we can show him the whole catagogue of trains and he can name them all!

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