A piece of piss


So the small boy toilet trained himself when we were on holidays.

I was quite crudely telling my mother I needed to have a wee wee  one day (yes, I said that to my mother. Regression maybe? I don’t know) and he turned around and said “I need to do a wee wee on the potty. Take my nappy off.” And that was it. Dry naptimes and dry nights from that moment onwards. A couple of accidents here and there but that was usually because he was too into doing something and there was very little drama about it. About a week later, he decided he had outgrown the potty and graduated himself to the toilet. Happy days. Continue reading A piece of piss

eBook Review: A new Irish pregnancy book on the block

I have read a lot of pregnancy books. I mean a LOT of pregnancy books. I have a bookshelf that is starting to bend in the middle a bit due to my efforts to contain them all in the same place. I’m sure I look like some crazy birth nutter to anyone who stumbles across said shelf in my house. The beauty of pregnancy, labour, birth and have a small baby is that it’s generally universal, so books from all over the world can be useful to you if it’s the biology and theory that you’re after. That’s why I have many. Lots of perspectives and lots of experience. But one crucial element missing from those books is that all important local information – what goes on in your maternity unit – and that’s where the importance of Irish pregnancy books come in. Continue reading eBook Review: A new Irish pregnancy book on the block

A different perspective on the HPV vaccine

There’s been a lot of media stories going around the houses about the HPV vaccine. Debate continues around whether we should be giving it to teenage girls before their sexually active and take up is patchy around the world where programmes exist. Maybe it’s higher up in the news cycle because it’s back-to-school time, but it’s piqued an interest for me this year because it’s a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” subject here at the moment. Continue reading A different perspective on the HPV vaccine