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I’ve been in a little bloggy hibernation these past few months but Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From invited me to take part in her 2014 round up bloggy link up just in time for the end of the year, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to jump back in! Have you missed me?

Here’s my 14 blog moments from 2014.

1. Most popular post:
I wrote The High Court Says We Can’t Say No back in August about a maternity rights and informed consent court case. I wasn’t expecting it to get much traffic but it turned out to be the sleeper hit of the year, bringing down my website due to the volume of readers. It was my most-read post in 2014 and got 10,000 unique views in one day, which, can I just say, is MASSIVE for me. It also received the most comments in the history of my blog. Delirah, I was.

2. Favourite post:
Favourite post is a tough one to pick, it really is! I really enjoyed reliving memories of tiny babies for Helen’s linky Tales of Parenting Moments Gone By. I made myself laugh with the Transfer Window about the nightmare of unplanned mid-car journey naps. Can I do that? Am I allowed to make myself laugh? I was laughing at myself though, so it might be cool.

Not so much a favourite post, but maybe my most cathartic post was The Perfect Birth. I washed a lot of feelings and emotions out of my hair with that one. And felt a bit freer.

3. Favourite photo:
I am just crap for using my own photos on the blog. I have been enjoying the homemade graphics this year though so I’d like to nominate this one as my fav photo. It’s still true.

Ultimate Tip for New Mums (and Dads) - Mind The Baby

4. Best Adventure:
Without doubt, my best adventure in 2014 was taking part in the launch of new parenting site www.parent.ie. It was a very exciting couple of months and I enjoyed being part of something new, creative and fast-paced. Unfortunately my eyes were bigger than my belly, so to speak, and I had to admit defeat when I over-committed myself to too many projects and had to step back. It was fun while it lasted!

5. Best Craft:
Regular readers can have a good auld giggle at this category, knowing full well this is not the home of either fine crafts or recipes. My only and therefore best craft post of 2014 was my Pinterest Fail – How Not to Make a Tinfoil River. But hey, at least I documented it.

6. Most common theme
Eh, looking back through the 2014 archive, my most common theme would appear to be my good self! My poor blog was the stage for some self indulgence this year but sure, what else are blogs for and it got me through some rough waters. Thanks for reading and all your lovely comments.

7. Best comment
My best comment in 2014 came from a reader who commented on a post about sleep that I had written nearly two years ago to the day of her comment. These are the comments that make me keep writing!

“I bookmarked this post ages ago and I reread it every so often, especially if I’m struggling with little man’s sleep. It makes me feel so much better, reaffirms my gentle approach to sleep. Thanks x (12 months of broken sleep, but sure who’s counting??!!)”

8.  My favourite celebration
In October of this year, I was a finalist in the parenting category of Blog Awards Ireland 2014. This was my third year in the final and I’ve been in a different category every year – first Best Lifestyle Blog, then Best Personal Blog and this year Parenting. They’re some good innings. If I’m never nominated for another blog award in my life, I’m more than happy with my little hat trick!

9. Best move
2014 was the year that I decided that I’d really pare back on third party promotions on the blog. I had done a number of them the previous year and to be honest I found them stressful and they didn’t quite sit well with me. This year, I just reviewed a couple of things that I was really interested in and passed on anything I wasn’t. I’m really glad I did that. I know now if blogging feels like too much work to me, then I’m taking the joy out of it for myself.

10. Favourite Freebie
Well now that I’ve made my point in no. 9, let me just back peddle for a minute and say that my favourite freebie was Eat Yourself Pregnant by Zita West. For delicious recipes and feelings of smugness, this is the right cookery book for you, TCCing or no TCCing.

11. Best Blog Moment
I think my best blog moment was when the High Court Says We Can’t Say No post got such a reaction. It was really unexpected and I hope a good thing for the Hamiltons to have so many people read about their case.

12. Worst Blog Moment
I wrote a few posts in 2014 which I was nervous about publishing because I felt quite vulnerable and exposed. I think the worst part about writing them was hovering my finger over the publish button just before they went live, still not 100% sure if it was the right thing to do. (It was).

13. Favourite Title
So, reviewing my blog post titles of 2014 shows me that brevity is not my strong point! Less titles and more shortform essays seem to be par for the course. I think it’s probably a toss up between Ode to the Humble Breadstick and A Piece of Piss.

14. What My Blog Did For Me in 2014
2014 was a rollercoaster of a year. There were times when it was very quiet around these parts indeed and there were other times where I was bleeding my heart out a few times a week! I think Mind The Baby served as a type of therapy for me this year. When I could put words to life events and feelings, it was a wonderful safe space to just let it all out! It was like a personal diary that everyone could read. Lucky you guys! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my 14 from 14. Here’s to an exciting and happy 2015. Head on over to Sadhbh’s blog to check out the other contributors to the linky. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “14 from 14”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts this year. Well done. That post on the High court was so brilliantly written.
    Here’s hoping you continue to enjoy your blog and blogging throughout 2015.

  2. 10,000 unique views! yowzah! That is a lot, and it was a fantastic article, really so very well deserved. A very happy new year to you, and what a lovely look back on 2014.

  3. Great post! That post with 10k hits so utterly deserved every one of them and more. I love how you are unafraid to express your opinions and to so articulately explain situations that can be confusing for many. I’m always in awe at your way with words. Looking forward to following along in 2015!

    P.S. How LOVELY is that favourite comment?!

  4. Definitely missed you, had noted your absence! Glad you’re back. (Sleep is much the same as ever….but I’ll keep checking back to your post to keep me going!)

    1. Ah, thank you Catherine! And thank you for being my comment of 2014! I actually have a special post dedicated to you and the S word coming up in the next few weeks…:)

  5. Your High Court post was excellent and deserved every bit of the attention it got.

    And I’m glad you were on board with Parent.ie even for just a little while. It was fun while it lasted!

  6. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I have bookmarked it so I can come back to catch up on some of your old posts 🙂 the tinfoil river one caught my eye – would you be interested in linking up to my new linky? #playdaymayday – a place to share activities that go wrong! http://bit.ly/1IwgdjP

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