Imagining a New Year

I ended 2014 with a linky looking back a year and I’m going to start 2015 with a linky looking forward!

Helen at The Busy Mamas is hosting a bloggy link up called Imagining a New Year. I love taking stock of a year gone by and looking at a year folding out before me and all it’s possibilities, so I’m delighted to be be taking part.

2014 was – as Helen herself so aptly described – a bit of a fucker. 2015 is a blank slate and I’ve decided it’s going to be the year of the little things. Small but important.

So here are my little things for 2015!

1. No more holes

This year, I will throw out all of my knickers and socks that have holes in them. I will not spend five minutes every morning sorting through my underwear and decided which are the least holey. They will be binned. Fully intact knickers and socks all around. You’d swear they cost a fortune or something. M&S here I come.

2. Slick lips

I will wear lipstick on my poor neglected lips everyday. My lovely husbag bought me some smashing new lippys for Christmas because I haven’t bought any in years. I am promising myself I will wear one every day. I am a divil for putting my full face on for work everyday but convinced myself years ago that because I’m so “orally fixated” (I know, Jaysus) that there was no point in wearing lippy because I’ll just wear it off eating, drinking, touching, wiping and licking. This is me hole. It takes two seconds to re-apply and it makes me feel good. I practice this resolution on Christmas Day by wearing four different lipsticks during the day. Remind me now next time you see me if my face is lipstick-free. There’ll be one in my bag.

3. I will go to sleep

When I declare I am going to bed, I will go the fuck to bed. I will not lie in bed and mess with my phone while an hour and a half disappears and suddenly it’s after midnight.

4. Bye bye phone

I promise to cut down on my phone time, particularly in the company of the small boy. My name is Mind the Baby and I am a smart phone addict. My first step is admitting my addiction. My second step is to leave the flippin thing in my handbag more often.

5. Back to basics

This one I’m dead serious about. In the last few months I’ve really felt a need to get back to basics and just spend some quiet time by myself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to read a book in a silent room without a TV, radio, flickering screen or any distraction in the background. Life is busy. I plan to consciously carve out some daily stillnessย for myself.

6. More sex

Sure fuck it, why not?

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14 thoughts on “Imagining a New Year”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t think of better ways to put the fucker that was 2014 behind you and welcome in 2015 than with an intact gusset and a slick of lipstick! Wishing you less smartphone time, more ‘me’ time and much, much sex!!

  2. Brilliant! I cannot abide holes in socks so I fully support a clear out and a trip to M&S.
    Less phone time was in my new school year resolutions and will be on my 2015 ones (when I actually do them) it’s tough but rewarding when it works out!
    Whatever happens let 2015 be a great one for Mind the Baby! x

    1. Thanks a million Lucy! And to Learner Mama too. The phone one is a tough one. It’s a very strong habit to break. I’m not doing great at it at the moment but of course have extended my deadline to Monday when Christmas “officially ends”.

  3. Love all of these, in particular the last one! I definitely need to do the smart phone one as well – and if you’re looking for a lipstick that does not move, the one I’ve been raving about (because I’m queen of it smudging everywhere and ruining cups, outfits and my face) is Rimmel Provocalips… Enjoy your year of lipstick, sleep and sex! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Brilliant and I took your advice and tackled the knickers drawer today. Now for the rest of the room! I’m not trying to wish a year away but will look forward to visiting back here at the end of 2025 to get a FULL report on how each resolution went ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy New Year!

  5. There must be something in the air cause new knickers, early bed and more sex are on my list too, it’s going good so far haha wishing you a fabulous year xx

  6. I love them all! As an underwear fanatic though, I have to protest, one cannot throw away beautiful underwear due to holes. I just sew them up ๐Ÿ™‚

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