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Most unlike me – 5 ways to make your blow-dry last longer

Okay, as the title says, this post is most unlike me. In fact, it’s the first “beauty” post I’ve ever had on Mind the Baby. But in the last couple of months or so, I have realised that for the first time post-baby, I have a bit more time to actually “do” my hair, rather than just wash it and head out the door in the mornings with a wet head that eventually turns into a mass of curls. I’m looking a little more sleek a little more often. I wrote this post originally for Parent.ie* sometime last year but as I blow-dried my hair this morning I thought I should add it here too, because – even if I do say so myself – they are geniunely good tips!

Now that I’m on a nutty hairdressing advice buzz, – stop sniggering – I thought I might also add my long term hair maintenance top tip! Balayage, ombre, American styling, or whatever your hairstylist is calling it these days, is a modern mother’s style lifesaver. Here’s why:

  • if you have long hair (or not), it’s a great way of having some lovely colour without having to get your roots done every few weeks
  • even though it’ll cost you a pretty penny at the time (€95-€200+ ouch!), you might get away with not getting it done for at least 6 months – or 8, if you’re a dirty stop-out like me – before you have to get it done again. Think of it in a cost-per-wear sense
  • it is the lowest of low maintenance hair thingys
  • it looks deadly with both curly and blow-dried hair
  • it looks deadly full stop.

So without further ado, here’s my 5 ways to make your blow-dry last longer:

Let’s face it, if you’re heading back to work after having a baby, personal grooming is never going to be the same thing it used to be. Gone are the days of flitting around in the morning, choosing an outfit, taking time on your face, and blow-drying your hair. You’ll be lucky to get a mouthful of coffee and a smear of lippie on.

If you work in an office or have a job description that requires a certain level of presentation then women, you need to get your ducks in a row! You’ll find yourself laying out that outfit (don’t forget the tights!) the night before. If you blow-dry your hair you’re likely to be doing it at night and maybe running a straightener or heated brush through it in the morning to smooth out last night’s sleep. The last thing you need to be doing is spending your nights literally staying in and washing your hair. So here are five ways to get at least an extra day out of your blow-dry.

1. Invest in a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the quickest and cheapest way to give your hair a bit of oomph and get that extra day out of it. It’s made with starch, which dries up oily roots and gives a bit of extra body. If you don’t like the added bounce, you can just brush it through your hair and you’ll still get the benefit of the less oily roots.  You can pick it up in most pharmacies and some supermarkets for less than a fiver. Here’s a short vid from Batiste to demonstrate how to do it properly. Dry shampoo is also a great option when you’re a home with a baby and you think you’ll never see the shower again.

2. Hair pieces

Clip-in hair pieces have become much more mainstream than a few years ago when they were investment pieces for brides that would put a serious dent in your wedding budget. You can pick them up in places like Claire’s Accessories or Hairspray starting from about €25 and going right up to something super fancy like an 8-piece clip-in set if you wanted to go mad and have loads of variety. But sure, start small and see if you like it. A clip-in hair piece helps give your hair a more styled look, as if you actually had the time to run a brush through it.

3. Old school – “set” it

Get the hot rollers out! This probably sounds like a crazy amount of effort and gives you flashbacks to your gran with a hairnet and headscarf on, but it really works. In truth, if you have a smallie who wakes up often in the evenings, then your time is probably better spent. But if your kiddies are a bit older, putting your hair in hot rollers for twenty minutes, running your fingers through it and adding a bit of holding spray will probably see you a good 3 if not 4 days of (reasonably) effortless hair. You can top it up with dry shampoo after a couple of days as well if you need to. If you’re prone to post-partum night sweats or you’re a hot sleeper in general, this mightn’t be the option for you because you might find your lovely curls a bit flat and damp in the morning. Life’s too short!

4. Use an airstyler

If the curlers are a step too far for you, a curling airstyler like the Babyliss Big Hair or something similar will give you a great bit of body and hold in the roots of your hair to see you that extra day. You don’t get as long out of it as the rollers but it’ll take less time and it’ll still look great.

Here’s a how-to video from Babyliss to show you how to do it. Because there’s definitely a wrong way.

5. Slick it back, you hot mama, you

You know yourself, there are just some days when you’re definitely not going to get away with the long, loose locks. Hair donuts, scrunchies (this is a clip-on messy chignon-type thing, not an 80s frilly hair bobbin) and fake plaits can be just the thing to dress up (read disguise) tied-back hair that’s a little rough around the edges. Again, any accessories store or stockist will have a fine selection of these.

Of course, you could just do what most of us do – wash, go, and hope for the best.

*Sadly, parent.ie is no more. But the good news is that all of the articles that were on the website are now available on www.irishparentingbloggers.com. Well worth a read!

5 thoughts on “Most unlike me – 5 ways to make your blow-dry last longer”

  1. Bookmarking this for when /if I ever have long hair again. In the process of growing it out.It is currently in the hideous in between stage-kind of a like a reverse mullet situation. Not sexy.

    1. I think your hair is a cute as a button! 🙂

      I cut my hair short once when I was 12 for my confirmation. Had it in a bob thingy. My neck was freezing for weeks and I could never keep the fuzzball under control. I haven’t cut it since! Don’t think I will either. I’ve deluded myself that I can be like one of those older women on the Dove ads with the long luscious white hair. Two chances, I say…

  2. Love this! I reckon my kids will crave the comforting scent of the green dry shampoo in later years as they’ll think of it as my own personal scent!
    I’d do swear by a fringe. On a greasy rushed day when the soviet prison guard look is off the menu you can wash the fringe, scrape the rest of the mop back and have the appearance of someone who washes. My ‘friend’ might have said that’s a lifesaver!!!

    1. I’ve always wanted a fringe but I’m too fuzzy headed to get away with it. My need to be doing some kind of fringe maintenance/straightening affair every day. No chance.

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