I am not tired


Dear reader,

It has been one year, 11 months and four days since my last blogpost about sleep. This will be my sixth, and probably last, sleep log.

I spotted in my drafts folder that I had started a post called “Big Boy Bed!” in August 2013 but clearly I had even bored myself with the topic at that stage because I think I only typed one line and then I abandoned it.

In October 2012, I brought you “A Triumphant Post about Sleeping Through the Night” which really was an all-singing, all-dancing exercise in I Told You So and I revelled in it. But die-hard fans (all one of me) will know that a mere three months later I was back to report that things had in fact gone tits up again. But do you know what? It was fine. And it’s been fine since. We are fine. We are not tired.

Just to be crystal, eye-wateringly clear, no one in this house is sleeping through the night. Not the 3 and a half year old. Not the 35 year old. Not the 37 year old. But it’s cool. It’s all business as bleedin usual actually. Here’s what happened in the meantime.

  • We had a summer holiday where small boy slept on a mattress on the ground for a month because there was no cot.
  • When we got home, we just dismantled to cot and stuck him into a regular sized bed. Because cots are a whole heap of shite anyway
  • Suddenly we found ourselves spending a lot of time in a single bed beside a small boy.
  • Then we found ourselves just sleeping in the single bed on our own while the small boy joined the remaining double bed member in the middle of the night and we all got a good night’s sleep.
  • Then, for some inexplicable, crazy-assed reason, we went through a period of three in a bed. This was stupid. 3 is not the magic number. 3 is the number that finds me teetering on the mattress edge, getting head-butted or kicked in the crotch, while the two men snore their respective heads off. This was short-lived so we reverted to the previous single bed swappage. Occasionally we seem to forget what a monumentally stupid idea 3 in the bed is, and we repeat it. And then remember again.
  • One night, the small boy got a notion that he wanted to sleep in “granny’s bed”, which is the double bed in the spare room. “Sure fuck it, why not?”, I thought. He slept 12 hours straight. And the next night. And the next night.
  • The he started waking up around midnight. Solution? Simples. It’s a double bed, Sherlock. We tag team, sliding in beside him and everyone is straight back to sleep. The tag team motto used to be “you’re only ever one night away from a full night’s sleep”. The new motto is “8 hours sleep? What the fuck are you moaning about?”

There still isn’t any sleeping through the night, whatever that is. This works for us. The eye twitching, head-thumping, neck-crick-causing, rage-inducing tiredness is a thing very firmly in our distant past. But waking is still normal. It’s all normal. I am not tired.

Plus – and this is a very big plus – sometimes there is nothing as absolutely delicious as snuggling up to a warm, cuddly, heavy breathing ball of toddler.

This post is dedicated to my commenter of the year 2014, Catherine and lovely blogger Tracey of Love of Living. Keep the faith, ladies!

9 thoughts on “I am not tired”

  1. We’re living that dream at the moment too. My philosophy is the much quoted “whatever gets as many people as possible as much sleep as possible is ok”.

  2. What Sinead said. I often spend an hour or so snuggled up with the 6yo (in her bed, which is very comfy) and almost every day 20 mins at least there when she wakes up in the morning. It’s fine. It’s even quite lovely.

    1. Sure it’s just wonderful! What else would you be doing? Watching TV? Cleaning the bathroom? I don’t think I know any parent with adult children who said “I wish I’d watched more TV” when talking about their parenting regrets.

  3. I feel like I should be joining in here as our night is continuous. But it’s only continuous from the point at which I put down my book which is invariably after midnight, to the point at which the five year old wakes and then wakes his brother which is 615. I’ll be tired for you, and when you get tired again, I’ll get enough sleep. Deal?

    1. Ah, now, excellent point. Even though I’m probably going to bed the same time as you. We don’t wake up here before 8am unless there’s a good reason, so I’m nearly two hours ahead of you in terms of quantity. But yes absolutely, that is definitely a deal.

  4. I had four children who woke every night and believed that 5am was get up time. Until the day I die I know I will never forget how hard it was. When my third was a baby she cried day and night, my close friend was very ill with end stage cancer at the time. Driving to her house took just 20 min, but I couldn’t make it sometimes without pulling over to nod off!
    Mind you those days are over for me and yet every night I go to bed and think ‘yahoo’.
    Last year my mom aged 83 said occasionally there are nights she still wakes and thinks she hears us cry!
    I must say I do miss my night time snuggles with my little ones and our chats about whatever. Off now to sneak a peak into my youngests room as she sleeps.

  5. Love it! Think I’ll bookmark this post too, it’s lovely and it’ll definitely help me to ‘keep the faith’

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