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My loyalty card shame

Where my handbag is my walking filing cabinet of life, my wallet is the brains and heart of the operation, storing up all of the critical bits and bobs so that I can pull them out at a moment’s notice in a “ta-da”, save-the-day kind of way.

But just like my own brain and heart, I tend not to take very good care of it at the best of times and fleeting bouts of keeping my wallet trim and healthy are mostly ruined by a constant stuffing and ramming of crap into it. Take receipts for example. A long, long time ago my mother drilled into me the importance of keeping a receipt for twelve months. Because if you don’t keep that receipt, you can be guaranteed that that’s the very thing that will break on you. And you have nothing to fall back on to prove your purchase. So there.

Hence my wallet is constantly jammed with skinny bits of paper. Skinny bits of paper that over a period of months add up to an injury-inducing weight in paper, which really should be caused by money, not receipts, if we all had our way. But one can dream…

Fast on the heels of the ridiculous receipt collection, is my loyal card shame.

Another trip to the shops, another chance to jam my wallet full of promises of free stuff. No matter that I may never darken the door of this establishment again, sure I’ll take an aul card anyway. Because I might. I might, you see. Be back. 10 times. To claim my free thing.

I just spotted at the weekend there – as I tried to crush another card in – that my wallet is bursting at the seams with flippin loyalty cards. Funny that, because I have no recollection of getting anything free lately.

A cleansing was required. A wallet facial, if you will. The steaming, the spot squeezing and then the lovely massaging bit. Have a look, throw out the muck and keep the gold.

I kept:

  • The IKEA family card. Ah, you have ta! Bargains galore. That you don’t need. But they’re on special – but only if you’ve a family card.
  • Mothercare family card. Oh God, I love this one. I get free things from this one all the time. Leg it in for a hat on a cold day? It’s free! Buying some play doh? It’s free. This one’s a keeper.
  • Supervalu card. It’s never given me anything but I’m afraid to throw it out. I might miss something. I think I might get coupons. But I have to remember coupons when I go shopping, so…
  • Tropical Popical loyalty card. Have you been there? I can’t throw this baby out. I get something free if it’s stamped 10 times but I have no idea what. I think it’ll be awesome though, what ever it is. Only five stamps to go!
  • Boots loyalty card. People are always raving about this one and I’ve never gotten anything. But I won’t throw it out because my payday must be on the way. Any day now…
  • O’Brien’s loyalty card. I occasionally get a free bottle of wine with this one. It would be foolish not to continue on down this joyous road.
  • Optical Shop loyalty card. Free month’s contact lenses every nine. This one is just a waiting game. They will be mine.
  • A Dundrum Shopping Centre Yummy card. This one gives me discounts off loads of restaurants and coffee shops in the Dundrum Towncentre. I believe it is quite the rare thing to have in one’s possession. I always forget to use it though.
  • House of Fraser loyalty card. I think I got something free with this card once, back in the pre-house, pre-kid heyday. It’s just nostalgia really at this stage. But just in case…
  • Blazing Salads loyalty card x 2. I should throw these out. But I won’t.
  • Coffee Angel loyalty card. I keep forgetting to take this one out of my wallet, which is a shame because I’m in there a lot and their coffee is delicious. I bet it’s even nicer when it’s free. Their painfully hipster staff irritate me though. It is just coffee, folks.
  • WeightWatchers card. It has 3 silver 7s stuck to the back of it. I haven’t been to WW in maybe six years. I believe they’re not even called “points” any more. But I’m sure you’ve figured it out at this stage, just in case…
  • A Starbucks card with no money on it. This was a very generous gift. Someone thought it would keep me in coffee for a long time. They must have forgotten that Starbucks also sells (not particularly appetising) food. And free food is free food. I can top this fella up. I think I get extra shots or something. Anyway, it looks pretty. It’ll stay.

I canned:

Beanhive loyalty card. I don’t even know where that is.


I was going to bin my Brown Sugar loyalty card because I’ve parted with some serious cash in that place over the years – I’m sure someone might have negotiated a mortgage on the back of the money I’ve spent in there – but apart from mini cupcakes and too-cold lattes, I’ve never got a thing back from the place. They do great hair though. And there’s only three cubes to go. Although it feels like those cubes might be deleting themselves.

Wow, so now my wallet is superlight having divested itself of a surplus of loyalty cards. Oh wait…

Make me feel better! Share your loyalty card shame with me.

15 thoughts on “My loyalty card shame”

  1. the Boots card was a revelation to me at some stage last year. I always use it and like you never got anything back. Then one day I was getting ready to pay for something and the woman servicing me said, “would you like to use your card to pay for that?” Turned out my points were all on my card ready for spending. I had a small fortune on there. Next day you’re in there just ask how much is on your card. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

  2. The boots loyalty card got me through most of January. And my Easons, Dunnes and Mothercare cards. I built them up all year and used them when money was tight, very tight. I actually used my Easons card for a bottle of water one day, shame hahahaha

  3. I have a friend just like you, and she keeps every sort of coupon too. My eldest is also a great one for the loyalty cards.
    I on the other hand, believe it or not, do not own a handbag, purse or any loyalty cards, and my receipts are scattered around my car or stuck in jeans until I gather them and bin them. I have regretted losing receipts on many occasions, and Christmas is a nightmare as I do try to keep receipts but it doesn’t come easily, hence sometimes Christmas is extra expensive.

  4. I just gasped when I read you hadn’t used your Boots card either! You must have bazillions of points so – I’m never able to save them for nice things, but it’s handy when I want to buy a €10 hair product or a sneaky nail varnish and funds are low. It’s like free cash!

    I have about 9 different coffee loyalty card and none of them ever get beyond 3 before I lose them.

  5. Oh my god, get yourself to Boots!! I don’t shop there enough anymore but years ago I used to gather the points up over the year and then because Boots in Wexford isn’t great, I used to go to the one in Liffey Valley at Christmas and go mad!! I loved it 😀 My Tesco one is my best friend these days and I do like my Debenhams one too.

  6. I have a special card holder for all my loyalty cards, my purse was bursting with them all!
    The O’Briens one is new to me Must get me one of them!
    I buy most of my beauty stuff in boots so always get lots of money at the end of the year on that, great for Christmas 😉

  7. i only carry the good ones in my wallet, and have key fobs for Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu and Applegreen, very handy. I find the Supervalu one great, and love the getaway breaks. Our barbers does every 8th haircut free and with 3 men here that’s probably the most used one. It’s also the most forgotten, I think we have four or five. I have a separate purse thing for all the extra ones and library cards etc

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