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The lazy mother’s solution to environmental smugness

We are the household of manky bins. Manky is probably painting a prettier picture than the reality. We switch between having three household bins – general waste, recycling and food waste – to just two, when the food waste bin gets abandoned due to neglect and the subsequent stinky, oozy, juicy disgustingness that results.

We are getting away with murder at the moment because we have no primary school going child to come home and chide us for shirking our environmental responsibilities. But I’m sure if won’t be very long until the two-foot waste management police are on our case about it.

So how delighted was I when Obeo came knocking on my door with a little package of style to make me feel smug about being good about our food waste. And we all know how much I enjoy a bit of smug.

These little boxes are beautifully designed, look cool and have instantly made my brown bin outside the door functional rather than the skinny, well presented one making the other two bulgers jealous. They are so easy to use, genuinely mess free and easy to store – be it on your kitchen counter, or in our case in the utility room. We got 2-3 days out of each box, depending on the traffic through the front door on those days. I can’t underline enough how much I enjoyed not having to wash or wipe anything, smell anything or accidentally slip on some escaping juice. Even Mr Mind The Baby embraced the Obeo, which is really saying something. It would be unusual for me to do this, but I’m so sold on this product, I’ve actually already signed up for the two monthly subscription so that the boxes can be delivered to my door. We ran out yesterday, I panicked.

At €3.75 for a pack of five they probably work out pricey enough when you’re balancing your shopping budget but I think it probably really depends on the type of household you are. For example, our last food waste bin was abandoned there before Christmas, so all that waste went in our general bins and we paid a premium to have it disposed of. If you are a fastidious brown bin user you mightn’t see the value in using Obeo boxes but if you’re a lazy ass like me, you’ll definitely see the benefit in your annual waste charge as well as embracing all those lovely smug feelings of doing your bit for the environment.

Here’s the good news! I have a two month subscription of Obeo food waste boxes to give away to a lucky reader to try. I’d enter if I were you – you won’t know yourself!

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Disclosure: I received a free 5 pack of Obeo food waste boxes to review them and a two month subscription to give away to a reader in a competition. No payment was received for this review. All views, as always, are my own.

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