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Hello darkness my old friend

I have rediscovered the pure pleasure of falling asleep in a darkened room. A pitch black silence, that seems to envelope my body like a heavy blanket of deep, comforting rest. My eyes in particular love it – that effortlessness of closing shut when there is darkness on both sides of my lids. 

No lamp on to guide my very short-sighted way to a tiny newborn crying out for a midnight feed. No nightlight of baby blue cutting through the darkness and across my face like a little instrument of torture tapping away. No fucking funderland of groclocks, light up lighthouses, high beam torch chargers or glowing mice on a toddler nightstand literally blinding me as sleep eludes, thinking it couldn’t be bedtime, it must be Blackpool.

No straight lines of white light outlining the door frame and tumbling into the bedroom from the hall so that’s there’s a reassuring brightness for a troubled night-waking small boy.

And, at last, no little red flashing light from the baby monitor charger in the corner. Ever so tiny, but ever so sharp. Like a laser beam, finding its way across the room and straight into the corner of my sleeping eye. Tap, tap, tap.

Just total darkness. Heavenly, healing, calming, sleep-inducing darkness.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Photo credit: Santa Monica via photopin (license)

6 thoughts on “Hello darkness my old friend”

  1. I have almost forgotten what this is like. I crave it sometimes, but we’re not there yet.

    Sleeping in darkness is actually a source of argument in our house because my husband prefers to sleep with the blinds open and the streetlights shining in. I can’t understand how anyone could prefer that. 🙂

  2. I love the darkness, I’ve blackout blinds on the bedroom and if my husband has his phone charging and there’s a light on the charger it disturbs my sleep. He doesn’t believe I can see light with my eyes closed but I can! Lisa I can’t understand that either, but my husband can’t understand how I can sleep without the radio on. I like darkness and silence to sleep!

  3. I don’t care if it’s dark or light. I love to go to bed and know, all my children are home and I can sleep. If they are not home I do sleep, but not quite as soundly.
    Enjoy the darkness.

  4. I totally agree. How can anyone go to sleep with light streaming in from an open blind or curtain?! Now if you could write a post about silence and how to achieve that (noisy neighbours, not my son), then that would be appreciated.

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