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Mama’s got a brand new bra – Hotmilk lingerie review

I totally missed a trick on the maternity/nursing lingerie in the pregnancy and breastfeeding days. I didn’t get my first sexy nursing bra until my birthday when the baby was 10 months old. I had lingered too long in the “comfy” nursing bra arena to the detriment of my curvaceousness and my self esteem. More boxy and matronly in silhouette than voluptuous and MILF-y. Mr Mind The Baby treated me to two gorgeous lingerie sets and I didn’t look back after that. In fact, I missed the sexy sets a little bit once the breastfeeding stopped and I’d shrunk back to “assets as usual“.

So I was pretty tickled when Hotmilk Lingerie got in touch to ask me to review one of their bras. Free sexy lingerie you say? GIVE IT TO ME.

Within the week, Valerie arrived in the post.

Hotmilk Reveiw - Mind The Baby
Yes they are my boobs. Don’t they look awesome?

Valerie is a contoured mocha and soft pink plunge bra from the Hotmilk Everywoman collection, a range designed for women who wanted to continue to wear Hotmilk lingerie after they had finished breastfeeding. And I wouldn’t blame them! I heart this bra. It looks great and feels great. It has removable padding like a little beanbag which you can see in the picture above in the bottom right. A testament to its comfort is the fact that I didn’t even know it was in there until I was taking it off at the end of the day.

The Valerie has a great shape and has adjustable multi-way straps. One thing I loved about it was the lovely, smooth cotton fit against my skin but none of the scratchy or discomfort from the lace-y finish which sits on the outside. I’m teetering on the buxom side with my 34DDs, (I know. Don’t start searching bra sizes on this blog. A history of boob size will emerge!), and the straps are nice and wide for extra comfort and support, but still maintaining delicateness.

The Valerie is a wire-free bra which I wouldn’t normally wear and I was pleasantly surprised at both the shape and support. It would make me think twice about always reaching for the underwire.

In short, this made me feel awesome. I wore it under my boring work dress all day and felt a bit giggly. I have only two regrets about it – that I don’t have the fab matching pants, and that I don’t have one to give you. You’ll have to get your own! But the prices are great so it’s worth the spends.  It’s RRP is €45.21 but it’s actually on special at the moment for €27.26. Send the link to yer fella, there!

Disclosure: Hotmilk lingerie sent me this bra for the purpose of reviewing it. No payment was received for this review and, as always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Even though I have no need for a nursing bra and never will, this one caught my eye because it is very pretty and sexy in a subdued way that suits my taste perfectly. The no-scratch lace trim is a definite plus, too — I hate that small irritation that goes on all day (as it quietly sands off your skin). But what absolutely sold me is the fact that it has no underwire. Underwires in bras have been associated with breast cancers (so I’ve read), I think because they can interfere with lymphatic circulation. Sounds like this bra could be a my next go-to bra.

  2. Alrighty, then. I just ordered (online) one of these lovely Valerie non-nursing bras, and I must note: they are on sale right now — about one third off. So, even though I had feared the mailing charges (I’m in the USA), the total cost of the on-sale bra plus mailing turned out to be the same as what the undiscounted bra would have been. Thank you, Mind The Baby!

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