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Jesus, the whining

Whining. Seriously.

It is never ending.

I am no longer surprised by the most ridiculous, perfectly normal, non-irritating things that can elicit a whine. The other day, there was ten minutes of whining because I accidentally put his underwear in the laundry basket when he wanted to do it himself. That example right there goes to show you that this is the most bullshitty behaviour ever. “I wanted to do my own dirty laundry“. Seriously like. Said nobody ever.

Soothe me, oh wise ones. Tell me this stage does not last very long. How long does it last exactly? It is a stage though, right? Tell me it’s not going to stay like this forever and I’m not raising a whiner, that they all do it. Because he mightn’t make it!

I am not covering myself in parenting glory these days. I wholeheartedly admit that I find this VERY TRYING indeed. There is just no reason to it. None.

All my counting to ten and mindfulness exercises go out the feckin window and get replaced with a raving, ranting crazy person. Fuck you, mindfulness, fuck you.

I’m talking about my small child, by the way. Not my husband. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

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  1. I’d love to reassure you but, well. I wonder if we could blame the weather. I’ve no tolerance for any of that at the moment either. Shoutymam is here 3-4 days s week 🙁 I think we need to turn to gin.

  2. It hasn’t gone away here. I’m sandwiched in between almost 3 and 5.5 and each of my special and unique snowflakes has their own personal set of 142 things to moan about every day.

    It’s bullshit isn’t it? Absolute bullshit.

  3. The slightest doing something “wrong” (which was right two seconds previous) elicits an over dramatic drop to the floor and sob in this house lately. I’m not even able to drink any wine to deal with him. He has yet to learn the verbal skill to tell me exactly what I’ve done wrong but lets me know that I am wrong in everything I do.

    Is there a section on Done Deal for small kids? Will trade for lie in.

    1. Lisa! I have good news! The non-verbal stage is only for a little while. And then the words start spilling out and you’re laughing again. I’ll be here for you – with Sinead and the gin – in a couple of years time when the mega whining starts.

  4. I’m glad to hear it’s not just this house. It’s soooo annoying. I try to play the game of not being able to understand him and / or answer in a whin so he had to speak properly.

    1. Margaret it makes me very happy to read this! Confirmation that it is a stage if they’re both at it at the same time 🙂

      I make the whinning noises back too sometimes. Not my finest hour…;)

  5. When they reach 9 & 10 the whining is accompanied by stomps…loud bloody stomps, pair the 9 and 10 year olds with their whining and their stomping with a two and three year old who are champions in the field of whining and you have the reason I consume copious amounts of wine….(an unfortunate incident involving a bottle of gin many moons ago turned me off the stuff for life!)

    1. You’ve just sold it for me Nicola. 4 sounds like a DREAM! And there’s still one more to get in on the whining action. Maybe we should start buying shares in a vineyard?

  6. When mine starts whining I usually adopt the same tone of voice to complain about it to him. “Iiiiiii don’t liiiiike whiiiiiiiniiiiiing”. Sometimes it makes him stop. Sometimes it makes him laugh. But always it makes me feel better.

  7. Oh Jesus, this exact thing is making me question my mothering techniques. I have two mini dictators who WHINE WHINE WHIIIINNNEE all day long, interspersed with roars (TO ME) of “I AM NOT YOUR SLAAAVVVE”. I have never shouted at them so much. I have dissolved into a small child myself – I stuck my tongue out at my 4 year old yesterday. Pains in the hole.

    1. Ciara, you’ve it the nail on the head there for me. It’s so strange to think that something like WHINING can make me doubt myself but it’s just so powerful in its irritation. I feel ashamed when I start acting like that myself – I’m supposed to be the grown up!

  8. I suspect it just goes on and on until they find a flat. But I’m feeling whiney after a particularly trying day so maybe I’m not being objective… what did everyone else say? 🙂

  9. I’m not even home full time and the whining is driving me to utter distraction of late. Seriously, putting in a full day in the office is MUCH easier than dealing with a whingy 2yr old.
    To be fair I think its my preggers hormones making me less able to cope but whatever it is I hope the whining stops soon.

    Its a form of torture imo

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