Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby

Crafts for eejits

I am not crafty.

Well, I am crafty, but not crafty in an “arts and crafts” kind of way. My Pinterest fail last year is proof enough. If you’re looking for cool, original, fun craft ideas you need to talk to the crazy talented likes of Sadhbh at Where Wishes Come From, Emily from The Nest or Helen at The Busy Mamas.

If, however, you’re crap at crafts like me and you’re looking for something that makes you look like you’re at least making an effort, I’ve got the very thing for you!

A very rainy weekend a few weeks ago found myself and Mr Mind the Baby grasping at straws for activities to do with the small boy that didn’t involve the TV or playing cars or Octonauts. The last two of which we both have a pain in our faces with, to be honest.

The grocery shop in Tesco came to our rescue with two nifty little packs we stumbled upon that successfully whiled away a wet Sunday afternoon. We got a pack of Go Craft Alien Keyrings, which I *think* were about €2.65 and a Go Craft Bumper Card Kit for a fiver. They came with all the stuff except for glue, which we also picked up. I can’t remember how much it cost but it definitely wasn’t eye-watering anyway.

There was no fancy pants skill, cutting, sewing, baking or acrobatics required. The only effort on my part was exercising the ability to unclench at the idea of the glue getting all over my lovely kitchen table. But the simple answer to that is “sort yourself out with a tablecloth, you’ve got a four year old, you eejit”.

Anyway we had the craic, I didn’t lose my mind, the place didn’t get destroyed and everything looked pretty cool afterwards.

Here’s how the keyrings went down:

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby

You’ll see some kitchen roll and a kebab skewer in the pics. These turned out to be crucial in the gluing of teeny tiny dotty things and also containing the sticky craziness. I only used a kebab skewer because we seem to be a household that has no cocktail sticks. Who knew?

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby
Work in progress
Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby
The finished keyrings


Here’s what the card kit looked like:

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby

The kit has eight cards in total and they’re all as cute as a button. It took us about 20 minutes to do one so there’s plenty of mileage to get out of our fiver yet.

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby
Here’s what’s in the box

Being lovers of all things space-related in this house, of course we did the rocket one first.

Crafts for eejits - Mind the Baby
The finished article. Yours for just €2.99 😉


See, simples!

I’m not sure if the Go Create range is in all Tesco shops but I’ve seen it in a few anyway and some of it is available on their online shop. You’ll be delighted to hear Tesco didn’t come anywhere feckin near me to write about this, it’s a genuine recommendation for the “crap at art”, so you can take it as you read it!  They were definitely worth the small investment. I’d say we’ll have that glue for donkeys, anyway. One of the keyrings has really lasted the distance in the last two weeks, surviving the bottomless pit that is my handbag. One of the others has lost a few dots from his belly but I suppose for less than three quid, longevity wasn’t on my “must-have” list!

Have you any “go to” kits for this kind of thing? I’d be interested in discovering more! Just as long as there’s no actually crafting though.

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  1. Click bait!! I ran over here thinking we’d broken you. Secretly we have! Kits are the weed of the craft world. Next you’ll be felting your own knickers!
    And thanks for the compliment! I’m more into painting furniture than my nice woolly crafts these days but I shall return!!!

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