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Working breakfast – where to get the best coffee in Dublin

If you are a professional juggler (read: working parent) like me and Mr Mind the Baby then you’re probably all too familiar with the idea of grabbing breakfast on the run on a working day.

While we certainly aspire to fully dressed, blow-dried hair (me), fully made up face (him), and a healthy, filling breakfast before we leave (both), the reality is often somewhat different.

And that’s where the beauty of our capital city comes into its own! We are spoilt rotten with fabulous eateries catering for our breakfast needs – both eat in and take away. I thought I’d share my favourites with you because you never know when you might be walking past their door and they’re so good it would be a crime against yourself not to pop in to try them out.

Here’s my top 6 best places for breakfast, or even just coffee, on the run in Dublin.

1. Cocu, Baggot Street

Cocu opened its doors on Baggot Street Upper earlier this year and judging by the lunchtime queues for delicious but smugly healthy eats, they won’t be closing anything soon. Cocu do my favourite proper breakfast – takeaway breakfast pots of baked eggs with selected toppings that include homemade baked beans, chorizo and bacon. My personal favourite is a pot with smoked salmon and avocado served with a Roasted Brown latte.

best coffee in Dublin - Mind the Baby
Cocu breakfast pot with smoked salmon
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2. Coffee2Go, Mespil Road

Just around the corner on Mespil Road, the queues in the morning – particularly on Fridays – will tip you off to the exact location of Coffee2Go. Even with the plethora of coffee shops in the area, this place always has a line out the door. Not only is the coffee delicious, they also make the best scones in Dublin. My favourite is the pear and vanilla but there’s a range of flavours to choose from, including this heart attack:

best coffee in Dublin - Mind the Baby
Coffee2Go Nutella Scone
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3. KC Peaches

I’m throwing KC Peaches in here for three reasons. Firstly, they make the second most perfect breakfast muffins in Dublin – and I am an absolute sucker for a proper breakfast muffin. None of this blueberry nonsense. Secondly, they do a €3.50 coffee and pastry deal in the morning which can include your croissant, Danish or the aforementioned muffin. Thirdly, when you’re not rushing to work and have a little bit more time, you can treat yourself to this breakfast burrito:

best coffe in Dublin - Mind the Baby
KC Peaches breakfast burrito Photo credit:

Enough said.

There’s four KC Peaches in Dublin city centre – St Stephen’s Green, Dame Street, Pearse Street and Nassau Street.

4. Coffee Angel

If you’re just after a gorgeous cup of coffee, then look no further than Coffee Angel. It’s like a warm hug in your mouth as a reward for getting out of bed. They used to make the most amazing bacon and cheese scones too but not anymore. Such a pity. They were the perfect combination of cheesy bacony lightness –  a kiss to go with your hug, if you will.

You’ll find Coffee Angel on South Anne Street, Leinster Street South, Pembroke Street Lower, Custom House Quay and North Wall Quay.

best coffee in Dublin - Mind the Baby
Coffee Angel latte perfection

5. Press Café at the National Print Museum

Tucked down the very back of the Beggar’s Bush Barracks on Haddington Road, Press Café is housed in a conservatory attached to the National Print Museum. This is the home of the most perfect breakfast muffin in Dublin. While not only being delicious it is perfectly sized – by which I mean, small – so you can suitably convince yourself that it is in fact the healthy muffin that it’s menu description claims it to be. I heart this muffin. Particularly when it is accompanied by a magnificent Cloud Picker latte. Also, it’s only €2. Basically, there are no excuses. Press Café also does a really lovely lunch and weekend brunch with daily specials to make your mouth water.

best coffee in Dublin - Mind the Baby
Cakes at Press Café in the Print Museum in Beggars Bush, including the most perfect breakfast muffins in Dublin!

Press Café

6. Bear Market Co

I know it’s all the way out in Blackrock but if you’re passing through the village at any stage, do yourself a favour and pop into Bear Market for a quick coffee and one of their bags of homemade protein balls. They’re a bit spendy but God they’re worth it and you won’t be hungry for hours!

best coffee in Dublin - Mind the Baby
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Have you any recommendations for “breakfast on the run” in Dublin to share?

Cover photo credit: Press Café at the National Print Museum. Photo courtesy of Press Café.

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