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Thought I was turning into my mother there for a sec

Some people say that all women end up turning into their mother at some stage. I’ve never believed that’s true. Until I found myself one day last week kneeling down in the middle of Dunnes and insisting that the small boy whip off his t-shirt so I could try a few tops on him.

“Mam! What if someone sees me naked?!” he says.

“Sure no one is paying any attention to you at all” says I (and I’m not even a bogger).

BOOM, there it is. Flashback to the mid-1980s and being stripped to my cotton vest in the aisles of the same shop (when it had less notions), having various items pulled over my head, thinking I was going to die of embarrassment. Ah how things come full circle.

Other mammy gems I’ve come out with recently include:

“I’ll give you something to moan about”

“It’s just a bit of rain. You’re not sugar, you won’t melt”


“Stop acting the maggot”

There was a time I thought my beautiful baby blues would disappear into the back of my head there would be so much eye rolling when I heard those phrases. And now, here I am parroting them back at my own child without a hint of irony. The Dunnes incident opened my eyes to it though.

But then I reminded myself¬†of all the things I do as a mam that my mother wouldn’t have done in a fit. The following list is not exhaustive, obviously, but definitely worth highlighting are:

  • burping words in response to questions
  • having farting competitions
  • singing “oh my gosh, look at her butt” over and over again and falling around the place laughing

  • practicing my ninja turtle moves
  • walking 5km to three different pokegyms and sitting on a wall battling nine levels of Team Mystic in the rain
  • having a rubber arm when it comes to “treats”

So yeah, turns out my inner semi-naked mortified 80s child is still alive and well, and essentially enabling. Don’t tell my mam though.

Clarification: obviously that’s not my mother in the picture. Just in case she stumbles across this like.

2 thoughts on “Thought I was turning into my mother there for a sec”

  1. Errrry time I sing ‘oh my gosh look at her butt’ my inner outer and all round feminist cries a little. But I persist, and now I also act it out with the 2 soft toy bunnies the young wan was gifted.

    I also dress in a way our mams would have been horrified at even in their mid(ish) thirties.

    1. With the original song I too have the same misgivings. But in the context of a regular day that includes “look at my butt” “smell my butt” “let’s play butt tag” etc, I’m confident the butt is the metaphorical and literal butt of the joke, rather than the pronoun

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