Cozyphones Review - Mind the Baby

Cozyphones Review – Kids and Sleep Headphones

I’m going to put my hands up and say I am that mother who might snatch an extra 30 minutes in bed at the weekend by volunteering my iPhone to someone who may want to watch a little bit of Netflix from the comfort of under his duvet of a morning.

Not always. But probably if there’s a 7 on the clock. Definitely never when there’s a 6 though. That’s a straight back to bed moment right there, and thankfully rare.

So I jumped at the chance to try out Cozyphones kids headphones when they got in touch because a nice comfortable set of kids headphones with good sound is pretty hard to come by.

Kids Headphones

Cozyphones kids headphones come in a lovely soft fleecy headband with a choice of animal shapes. We got a cute panda but there are also unicorns, foxes, monsters and frogs. Our 5 year old absolutely loves his because they feel so comfortable on his head and if he’s feeling sleepy he can use the band as an eye mask and chill out to his Spotify playlist. (I know. It’s 2017 though. Welcome to the future 😉 )

Cozyphones Review - Mind the Baby

The headphones are very easy to use, with just a small bit of jigging about when you try them first to move the speakers around the band so that they sit correctly at your child’s ears. But once that’s done, they can take them on and off easily themselves.

This pair will definitely be on our “must bring” packing list for holidays because I can already see how useful they’ll be for plane and car journeys.

The headphones are currently priced at between £11.99-£15.99 on Amazon (€13.60-€18.10). They’d make a great gift also but I’d pity the fool who entered a house of children without one for everyone in the audience!

Sleep Headphones

Cozyphones were kind enough to also send me a set of headphones from their sleep headphones collection, which – I’ll be honest – I snapped out of their hands. If you know me, you’ll know I love a good 45 minute nap with some plinky plinky music to help me drift off.

These headphones are perfect, not only for a little nap, but potentially a full night’s sleep. The design means that you’ve no buds sticking uncomfortably into you because the speakers are flat against the band so you can sleep soundly without any discomfort. They are also so cosy that for me they helped with the drifting off in the first place. Like a little warm head hug…mmmmm

Cozyphones Review - Mind the Baby

These headphones are absolutely perfect for anyone is who using a daily meditation or hypnotherapy programme. Pregnant people in particularly will find these a joy, especially if listening to gentlebirthing or hypnobirthing tracks. New mums will also really enjoy them to use with any tiny nap they might be able to squeeze in. I very reluctantly donated these to my pregnant sister for her antenatal enjoyment but rest assured, I’ve ordered a new pair for myself! This is a nicely priced, very functional and comfortable headphone design. I’ll be buying them as gifts for expecting friends and family in the future. The Cozyphones sleep headphones are currently selling for £12.97 (€14.69) on

Disclosure: I received a pair of kids headphones and a pair of sleep headphones from Cozyphones for the purposes of review. I was not paid any money for this review and all views, as always, are my own.

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