A TMI manifesto

Warning: this blog contains adult content 🙂

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had lots of ideas and topics swirling around my head that I wanted to share with you and I realised that maybe I needed to give any readers an advance health warning.

I love detail, all the gory detail, and I don’t believe in too much information.  So unfortunately you’re going to read about blood and pee and puke and poo.  And about boobs and bums and perineums and tears and stitches and piles.

Because I want to be honest with you.  Because I really appreciate when people are honest with me, particularly about topics that are considered embarrassing and nobody likes to talk about but really people are interested in because they want to learn and they want to be informed for when it happens to them.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe information is power and everything is so much easier when you’re prepared, not caught off guard or frightened and embarrassed because you didn’t know.

So I’ll tell you. If you’d like to share something that you’d like to get out there because its usually whispered behind closed doors and quite frequently misinformed, then I’d love to post it here for you.  If you’ve a question, if I know the answer, I’ll tell you.  I promise.  Lay it on me!

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