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When your kids need more than you can give

I’m hosting a guest post today for a super strong mother having a hard time who needs to get something off her chest. I think it’s something a lot of readers can relate to…

I’ve had this title running around in my head for weeks now, but haven’t really got any further than that.

My therapy is usually writing it all out, getting the problems down, hitting publish and then getting on with life. It’s cathartic to work out how you are truly feeling as the words appear on the page – unravelling that big ball of messy wool as you type, and then getting support back from friends you know and strangers you don’t. I’ve been doing it for years now and it’s never let me down.  Continue reading When your kids need more than you can give

IVF Diary: Going full woo

As time passes, the process of trying to conceive becomes consuming and often obsessive. Those who are struggling look on in envy, and in some cases despair, when they hear stories of other people’s “oops” pregnancies or birth announcements for a family’s 6th or 7th child.

Feelings of powerlessness and of not being able to control the process turn to thoughts of “what am I doing wrong?” and “how can I fix this?” It is very hard to be passive, because the intrusive thoughts whisper “what if I find out it was something simple and I did nothing and now the time has passed?”

Enter the woo. Continue reading IVF Diary: Going full woo

Review: HP DeskJet 3720 printer and Instant Ink

HP launched a new ink cartridge subscription earlier this year to save you the bother of remembering your printer is out of ink and avoiding a trip to the shops.

HP Instant Ink has a little chat with your HP printer to check if you’re running low on ink and, before you even realise it yourself, there’s a nice man with a new cartridge ringing on your doorbell.

I received a shiny  new HP DeskJet 3720 printer together with a year long subscription to HP Instant Ink so that I could try them out and share our family’s experience with you. Here’s my verdict: Continue reading Review: HP DeskJet 3720 printer and Instant Ink

I do not want to talk to you about my fertility treatment

I attended a group session with our fertility clinic a couple of years ago to provide feedback on their service and what improvements could be made.

I shared a view on how I felt clinic appointments were scheduled for staff convenience, rather than patient focused. I gave an example of how I had a very flexible job but for certain appointments the clinic insisted they only took place at times where I had to be at work and therefore required permission from my manager to attend. My preference would have been to avoid sharing the details of my personal life with my colleagues, which would have been necessary to secure the time off to attend the clinic. Continue reading I do not want to talk to you about my fertility treatment