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A different perspective on the HPV vaccine

There’s been a lot of media stories going around the houses about the HPV vaccine. Debate continues around whether we should be giving it to teenage girls before their sexually active and take up is patchy around the world where programmes exist. Maybe it’s higher up in the news cycle because it’s back-to-school time, but it’s piqued an interest for me this year because it’s a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” subject here at the moment. Continue reading A different perspective on the HPV vaccine

The perfect birth

Around about this time three years ago, I was labouring in my kitchen. It was a beautiful summer’s day and we had thrown open all the windows to let the light and air fill the room. Midsummer poured in on top of us. My husband and midwife were with me. I remember circling around the kitchen island, stopping every now and then to stoop down and support my body during a contraction, while my husband silently applied counter-pressure to my back. I remember being in the birth pool with him at my head breathing me through each surge while my midwife poured warm water on my back. I felt safe, so supported, strong…and happy. Continue reading The perfect birth

The High Court says we can’t say no

So the High Court rubberstamped a human rights violation last week. In the same fell swoop, it also gave a big fat thumbs up to denying a pregnant woman’s right to informed refusal; removing a woman’s right to be the decision-maker and expert of her own body; and supporting provider preference for delivering non-evidence based care. The country was up in arms! Oh wait, hang on… Continue reading The High Court says we can’t say no

Tales of parenting moments gone by

My “baby” is fast approaching his third birthday at the end of this month. The sun has shone every June since he arrived into the world and at this time every year I find myself thinking “it was a beautiful day like this when my labour started and our baby was born.” It’s like it was only yesterday and yet, so long ago too. A friend sent me an old photo recently that she had on her phone from when he was about six months old, and I barely recognised those chubby cheeks and gorgeous rolls of fat. Continue reading Tales of parenting moments gone by