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What’s wrong with this picture?

World Breastfeeding Week 013 Mind The Baby Blog BlogMarch

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2013! How are you finding it so far? Have you seen much promotion for it and read something new that will help you on your breastfeeding journey? I hope so, because there’s so much wonderful advice out there if you’re looking for help or trying to gather information. At the end of this post, you’ll find a selection of blogposts I’ve written myself about my own breastfeeding journey with my son. It was a wonderful 14 months and I look back on it fondly but it wasn’t without its bumps in the road and dark, long nights which we all have as parents, no matter how we choose to feed our babies. Continue reading What’s wrong with this picture?

A mother blessing for my blogger mama friends

Two of my dear blogging friends are at the cusp of something great in their lives within just a few weeks of each other. Aine, who is taking a blogging break from her wonderful blog And My Baby, has just given birth to her second child but first beautiful baby girl, Miss Mouse, a little sister for Little M. And Lisa who blogs at is expecting a baby in a few short weeks, also her second baby but first little girl, greatly anticipated by big brother Little Man. What an adventure for them both! To celebrate this exciting time for them and their growing families, The Irish Parenting Bloggers Group are throwing a virtual baby shower all this month to share their joy and wish them well. I am privileged to start the ball rolling on this first day and I’d like to begin with a mother blessing to Aine and Lisa – a celebration of this new phase of your mothering journeys. Continue reading A mother blessing for my blogger mama friends

Leave child benefit alone. Tax maternity benefit instead.

The second that silly season finished and the Dail was back in session, various members of the current Government returned to their obnoxious and irresponsible practice of kite flying to test public reaction to hypothetical cuts as we hurtle towards Budget 2013. Continue reading Leave child benefit alone. Tax maternity benefit instead.

BlogMarch! Irish Parenting Bloggers Group saying NO to child benefit cuts

From 8 – 17 October 2012, 10 Irish Parenting Bloggers lent their voices to a campaign to prevent Government cuts to child benefit payments.  They shared ten perspectives on the impact that a cut to these payments would have on Irish families lives. You can read the background and all ten posts here: 

Ten of us Irish Parenting Bloggers are none too impressed with the suggestion that child benefit will be cut in the upcoming budget. In fact, we’re damn right upset about it. So in response, we’re staging a #BlogMarch!

Irish Parenting Bloggers Group saying no to child benefit cuts, Mind the Baby blog, Starting today, we will be taking turns to publish one blog post each over the next ten days to highlight the negative impact that child benefit cuts will have and we’re appealing to the Government to rethink this drastic and far-reaching strategy. My post will be on Wednesday but first up today is Child Benefit Stole My Child’s Allowance on The Irish Rhymes.

Please do check back here on a daily basis to read the other posts from the group.

If you’d like to lend your support, you can sign the online petition here.

You can also share your thoughts with us on Twitter at #BlogMarch and Like our Facebook page.

Day 1: The Irish Rhymes – Child Benefit Stole My Child’s Allowance

Day 2: The Clothesline – Stuck in the Middle – No to Child Benefit Cuts

Day 3: Mind The Baby – Leave Child Benefit Alone. Tax Maternity Benefit Instead

Day 4: Dreaming Aloud – Down to the Bare Bones – Cutting (the fat) of Child Benefit

Day 5: The Daily Muttering – Hands Off My Childrens Allowance

Day 6: Kate Take 5 – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Day 7: Wholesome Ireland – Let Them Eat Cake

Day 8: Meetmums – March Against Cuts to Child Benefit

Day 9: The Serious Wagon – That’s Fighting Talk

Day 10: – You Do The Maths!