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Mama’s got a brand new bra – Hotmilk lingerie review

I totally missed a trick on the maternity/nursing lingerie in the pregnancy and breastfeeding days. I didn’t get my first sexy nursing bra until my birthday when the baby was 10 months old. I had lingered too long in the “comfy” nursing bra arena to the detriment of my curvaceousness and my self esteem. More boxy and matronly in silhouette than voluptuous and MILF-y. Mr Mind The Baby treated me to two gorgeous lingerie sets and I didn’t look back after that. In fact, I missed the sexy sets a little bit once the breastfeeding stopped and I’d shrunk back to “assets as usual“. Continue reading Mama’s got a brand new bra – Hotmilk lingerie review

Most unlike me – 5 ways to make your blow-dry last longer

Okay, as the title says, this post is most unlike me. In fact, it’s the first “beauty” post I’ve ever had on Mind the Baby. But in the last couple of months or so, I have realised that for the first time post-baby, I have a bit more time to actually “do” my hair, rather than just wash it and head out the door in the mornings with a wet head that eventually turns into a mass of curls. I’m looking a little more sleek a little more often. I wrote this post originally for* sometime last year but as I blow-dried my hair this morning I thought I should add it here too, because – even if I do say so myself – they are geniunely good tips! Continue reading Most unlike me – 5 ways to make your blow-dry last longer

Baby? Shower? Ha!

I had the rare pleasure this morning of waking before the little man, and took full advantage by jumping in the shower to luxuriate for five whole minutes in its warm, cleansing loveliness, while he snoozed on.

What’s the big deal-i-o? It’s only a shower. Shure, aren’t you washing yourself every day? You’ll be relieved to hear that yes, yes I am*. But there’s something about the power of the shower (excuse the pun) that takes on almost mythical proportions when you become a mother. Continue reading Baby? Shower? Ha!