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A better person

My baby was 5 recently.

A whole half a decade.

The time has flown by but of course, like every parent, I can barely remember what life was like without him.

I look at him now – so tall, so grown up, so articulate, so funny, so capable of pushing my buttons at a moment’s notice – and realise how enriched my life has become since he came into it. Continue reading A better person

Working parent not “working mother”

It’s been more than a little bit quiet on the blog here for the past few months and I apologise! I’ve a whole bunch of posts in drafts but I’ve struggled to find the time to polish them up for you.

I’ve a good reason though – I hope! I got myself a new job there a while ago which I’m just loving. It’s completely changed my lifestyle and my outlook. It’s given my career a whole new lease of life and I’m really excited about that. But it makes blogging hard. (Just joining up the dots for you there!) Continue reading Working parent not “working mother”

Funderland for small kids

I have fantastic memories of Funderland as a kid. My uncle – who was child-free at the time – used to take myself and my three brothers and sisters as our Christmas present every year for hours of spinning and screaming followed by post-match analysis at McDonalds. Fair play to him, the brave man!

We were a few years older than my small boy now at four, so it never crossed my mind to take him at this age because I thought it might be a waste. How wrong I was! Continue reading Funderland for small kids