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Family days out around Dublin

If you’re looking for some ideas for fun family days out in and around Dublin, we’ve had a few great ones over the last few weeks. There’s nothing like a day trip, ideally with a picnic in the middle, to make you feel like you’re on holidays – rain or shine. Here’s five for you to try. Continue reading Family days out around Dublin

Our DIY trip to Lapland

We’re just back from from our DIY trip to Lapland! It was absolutely the holiday of a lifetime and something that I never thought I would ever book. Until one day in September when I read this post by Corrina on CherrySue, Doin’ the Do and suddenly oops, we’d booked a holiday to Finland!

If ever we were going to do it, this year was the perfect time. The small boy is 5, his favourite film is The Polar Express, the Santa magic is strong, and Corrina’s plan made something that I had always perceived to be very expensive seem like a flippin bargain! And, in fairness, it really was. Continue reading Our DIY trip to Lapland

Getting to Lapland – costs and tips

If you’ve read all about our DIY adventure to Lapland, you might be interested in how we did it.

While an all-inclusive package is attractive to some, we were more interested in a cheaper, more tailored option. I’m also not at my best a 5am in the morning and most charters leave early!

Here’s how we did it: Continue reading Getting to Lapland – costs and tips

Review: Skincare deliciousness from Dublin Herbalists

I am sitting here typing this review for you while slathered in my new favourite face mask from Dublin Herbalists. It smells good enough to eat, feels fantastic and leaves my face as soft as a newborn’s bum. I just gave myself a little stroke there to confirm. I am delighted with myself.

Claire Gardiner, creator of Dublin Herbalists skincare, got in touch with me a while ago to ask me if I’d like to try out some of her new products. Sure didn’t I nearly bite the hand off her. Continue reading Review: Skincare deliciousness from Dublin Herbalists