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2013, what a year!

2013 has been a fantastic year for

I have enjoyed blogging so much this year. It has been a year of “more” for me. The blog has opened up doors to new friends, faces and ideas. I’ve learned so much and written so much. Looking back on all my posts during the year, it’s such a shock to see how much has happened in the last twelve months and also how quickly we forget things or our mind distorts time. I spotted a post I wrote in April that I was convinced I’d written in the middle of last year! Continue reading 2013, what a year!

Review: NuuNest newborn tracking and breastfeeding App

NuuNest Breastfeeding App Review - Mind the Baby Blog

 Hands up if this sounds familiar. Tiny newborn, trying to establish breastfeeding, middle of the night: is that nappy the right colour?, how many wets today?, are they gaining weight? is the latch okay? should she be feeding this much? should I be waking him up?…” 3am, night light on, baby on boob, iPhone out, scouring baby forums to see if anyone has the answer to your question or trying to find the right information online but it’s never quite what you’re looking for… Continue reading Review: NuuNest newborn tracking and breastfeeding App

Review: Jazzing up the kitchen with a photo on canvas from asked me recently if I’d like to review their canvas photo service. The timing couldn’t have been better because we had been talking about getting some of our photographs done up on canvas to display in our home to make it more “us”. We’ve only been in our house for a couple of years so we’re always slowly doing small things to make it more homey.  We’ve a good few picture frames up but we’ve some blank walls that could benefit from something with more impact and I find it’s so hard to get a piece of art that a) suits your room and b) is meaningful. Cue canvasses of our own photos! Mr Mind The Baby is an excellent photographer and we literally have thousands of photos we could choose from.

I decided on quite a large canvas because I thought that size would go well on our kitchen wall. When we browsed through our photo collection, we realised quickly we didn’t want any pictures of ourselves blown up to a freakish size because that would just be creepy! We narrowed it down to a few nice abstract ones that all had fond memories for us. I had terrible trouble trying to pick one but PhotoBox made the decision for me in the end!

When you login to the website and choose the canvas size, PhotoBox invites you to upload and select the photographs you’d like to have printed. A very helpful sad face appeared beside all of my photos because they just weren’t of a high enough quality to look good on the canvas size I had chosen. I picked the photo with the biggest file size and then worked my way down through the canvas sizes until I had a perfect match (and a happy green face 🙂 ). I went with a 16″ x 12″ classic canvas which wrapped around the edges, filled in my details and hey presto that was it! It was printed within 24 hours and was at my door a week later. I had worried that there was potential for the canvas to get damaged in transit but when I saw the packaging I realised there wasn’t a hope of that.

The photo we chose in the end was one Mr Mind The Baby took on the June bank holiday weekend in 2006 when the radio station TodayFM held a charity duck race in the River Liffey. The duck race itself was a disaster, if anyone remembers, but it was a scorching day and we got some beautiful photos. Copyright All rights reserved Mind The Baby Blog Review: Jazzing Up the Kitchen with a Photobox Photo on Canvas

Here it is displayed proudly on our kitchen wall.

As a service, it’s pricey enough with costs ranging from €43.99 plus delivery for a 12 x 8 classic canvas right up to €93.49 for a massive 30 x 20 one (I think this might be canvas printing in general though) but PhotoBox seem to have regular promotions and sales so it might be worth keeping an eye for a discount. That said, when you’re talking about a feature piece that will probably be on your wall for a long time, it’s definitely worth the investment. I have to tell you, I have three or four more lined up in my head that I’d like to get done for elsewhere in the house. I’d absolutely love to have a massive one for Pip’s bedroom. But remember file size, file size, file size!

Visit PhotoBox for a canvas print of your own.

Disclosure: PhotoBox provided me with a credit to cover the cost of ordering a classic canvas print from their website for the purpose of the review. No other payment was received. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Review: Reform Postnatal Pilates App

I remember very clearly a disastrous and very teary Saturday morning when my baby was just a couple of months old and I was determined to get to a special yoga class for postnatal mums, but a hungry baby had me running behind schedule and when I arrived late for class the receptionist wouldn’t let me in. I fought back tears as I walked out the door but ended up bawling all the way home in the car at the injustice of being rejected – how could they be so insensitive to a hormonal post partum new mother?, I thought – and also the realisation that maybe I wasn’t quite ready to leave my baby alone for a few hours. I would be in time, but not quite yet.

I never went back to that class and instead tried to seek out some other way of getting a bit of “me time”, some much needed exercise and also meeting the needs of my baby. A few months later, a new Pilates studio opened up near me and I was delighted when I discovered they offered postnatal Pilates classes where you could bring your baby along and let them sleep or kick along beside you while you got in a seriously good workout.

The owner of Reform Pilates, Anna Frankland, is a mother of twins herself and understands the importance of being able to easily exercise without having the extra burden of having to factor in childcare. Also aware that not everyone has access to a class or is even ready to go along to a class, Anna has developed a postnatal Pilates App for mums to use whenever and wherever they like to help them get back in shape and also get some well deserved “me time”.

Just launched in the AppStore today, I’m delighted to be the first person to review the Reform Postnatal Pilates App. Hurray! 🙂 Reform Postnatal Pilates App Mind the Baby Blog

The App is divided into three sections. “My Body” covers questions you might have before you get started. “Workouts” brings you into the structured programmes to follow and finally, there’s an A to Z of all exercises at the end if you wanted to try them individually rather than going through a specific workout.

There are three workouts to choose from:

1. Babybelly (& Bum), a quick workout to strengthen deep tummy muscles, pelvic floor and bum (15 minutes long)

2. Adore Your Core, a quick workout to strengthen deep tummy muscles, lower back and pelvic floor (15 minutes long)

3. My PreBabyBody, a full workout to get your pre baby body back. (20 minutes long)

Each of the three workouts has a gentler “new mum” version for women who are 0-3 months post partum and a stronger version once you’re 3 months plus.

Reform Postnatal Pilates App Mind The Baby Blog
Adore Your Core workout

I tried the Babybelly (& Bum) 15 minute workout for new mums first as a starter. When you select this workout, it displays 11 exercises in order and lets you know how many repetitions you should do. From there, you can follow the exercises in two ways – either tap on each exercise and follow the step by step images, or select the video button in the top right hand corner and you can watch short videos of each exercise as you work through them. I found the step by step images easy to follow but I’m a visual learner so watching the videos really brought the instructions to life for me, especially being able to watch the flow of the exercise. There’s also an option at the top of each workout to “play all” so you can run straight through the exercises one after the other.

Working my way through all of the exercises, I quickly realised that this is a proper workout for new mums rather than paying lip service to it. When the 15 minutes were up, it did feel like I had engaged and really connected with my ab muscles and pelvic floor. I also felt a good stretch in my bum and upper thighs. I can see how this would be a great introductory workout for a woman who has recently had a baby and is ready to start exercising and toning again. It’s not strenuous or over-exerting in any way but it’s just enough to help you on the road to getting your body confidence back. The pelvic tilts also ease you gently into getting the tone back into your pelvic floor. Anyone who has already had a baby knows that feeling of trying to engage their pelvic floor muscles in the first couple of weeks and it feels like there’s nothing happening there at all!

The instructions are easy to follow and I was able to pop my iPhone on the floor beside me and just tap the screen to move along to the next exercise. Your baby could easily be lying beside you while you completed this workout or you could grab 15 minutes while they were sleeping.

Reform Postnatal Pilates App Mind the Baby Blog I jumped to the My PreBaby Body workout at the end next just to compare. I’ve been doing Pilates for quite some time now and I’m no slouch, even if I do say so myself, so I was keen to see how challenging it would be! This is an excellent 20 minute workout for mums who are tight on time but are keen to give their body a good conditioning. This workout has 17 exercises in total and after completing the full workout, I certainly felt like I had given all of my main muscle groups a good going over. This is definitely one to work up to and a nice challenge to achieve. I think if you were doing this workout maybe 3 times a week, you’d definitely see and feel results, particularly in your core area.

There are three versions of the Reform Postnatal Pilates App. You can buy just the three new mum workouts for women who have had a baby within the last 0 – 3 months for €4.49 or just the post-3 months workouts for the same price. The full version of the App with all of the workouts costs €7.99. This is a lot for an App but given what you get for your money, I think it is well worth it. When you consider a Pilates class can cost you anywhere between €10 and €20 a week, this App allows you to have a comparable short workout in your own home, whenever it suits you and your baby and as often or as little as you like.

Reform Postnatal Pilates App MInd the Baby Blog
Healthy and Safety advice

The other thing to bear in mind is the benefit to your pelvic floor of regular Pilates practice. I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of strengthening your pelvic floor after growing and carrying a baby for nine months. The preventive life long positive impact it can have on subsequent pregnancies, incontinence and your sex life is immeasurable. Just take a quick bounce on a kid’s trampoline or have a particularly strong sneeze with a weak pelvic floor and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about!

I think if this App had been around when my baby was born, it would have really met my needs of wanting to start getting my body back but not being quite ready to leave him yet. I think it also would have helped me take the pressure off myself to be back “out there” after a baby. I could have taken things at my own pace and in my own time. I’d highly recommend this to new mums. It’s definitely worth the investment.

The Reform Postnatal Pilates App is available on the AppStore and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

I’ll be announcing an exciting new competition tomorrow in association with Reform Pilates so please do check back here for details.

Note: Reform Pilates have supplied me with a complementary version of the App for the purposes of review. As always, my opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.