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Accentuating the positive

Do you know what a Wheel of Life is?

Accentuate the Positive - Mind the Baby
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A very clever man, who gets paid handsomely for his cleverness*, got me to fill one out during the summer. At the time, I didn’t fully understand why he thought it would be a good idea for me to complete one and when I did, I subconsciously chose not to register the results. But I get it now. God, I get it now. It’s taken me this long – with some reflection and the dawn of a new year – to understand it. Continue reading Accentuating the positive

Things I learned #6: noisy babies!

This is a quick but important one! It really isn’t slightly insightful but it’s good to know if you’ve never been responsible for a tiny baby before:

Things I learned #6: babies make lots of noise at night when they’re sleeping. And I mean LOTS.

It’s the dead of night. The baby is fast asleep in the bed/basket/cosleeper/whatever you’re having yourself beside you, grunting and shuffling with the occasional loud screech followed by a whimper.  Maybe there’s a bit of thrashing around going on too.

Things I learned: Noisy babies Mind The Baby blog
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You’re peering out from under your sheet at them, bleary-eyed and white faced with exhaustion and worry because you think they’re awake or about to wake up or hungry or lonely or in pain or sick or <insert other possible scenario here>.  I worried enough about this to ask my GP at my six week check! She made the excellent point that if they weren’t okay, they’d wake up. V sensible advice indeed.

It’s okay, go back to sleep. They’re sleeping like a baby 🙂

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