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This is a personal blog and all opinions expressed are my own. The content of this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

You may notice from time to time I mention products or services in my posts or provide links to external sites.  I do this for one of two reasons. Either I provide a link so you can click through for more information on something rather than my having to explain it in the blog post; or because I have used said product or service and I like it!  Absolutely no money has changed hands. Occasionally, I receive complimentary products to review however I clearly state when this has occured. It is important to me that readers trust that any recommendations I make are based purely on my own experience and enjoyment. Something I like does not necessarily equate to something you like, it is just a personal opinion. I am not responsible for the content of external sites.

Unless otherwise stated, I am the legal owner of any material on this site. You may not reproduce, copy, publish, or alter it without my express permission. Please contact me at hello at mindthebaby dot ie. Thanks!


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