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2013, what a year!

2013 has been a fantastic year for mindthebaby.ie

I have enjoyed blogging so much this year. It has been a year of “more” for me. The blog has opened up doors to new friends, faces and ideas. I’ve learned so much and written so much. Looking back on all my posts during the year, it’s such a shock to see how much has happened in the last twelve months and also how quickly we forget things or our mind distorts time. I spotted a post I wrote in April that I was convinced I’d written in the middle of last year! Continue reading 2013, what a year!

Christmas reading: A 2013 bloggy round up

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It’s that lovely time of year again when people switch off and really concentrate on spending quality time with family and friends. We’re winding down here ourselves chez Mind The Baby and looking forward to a lovely Christmas with the very first kinda sorta maybe realisation that Mr Claus will be paying us a visit this year. Top of the list from Santa is “decorations” followed by “another decorations” so if nothing else the bar is suitably low. Continue reading Christmas reading: A 2013 bloggy round up