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The perfection of little bodies

Blogpost: The perfection of little bodies Copyright Mind The Baby blog www.mindthebaby.ie

Look at this! Look at him!

He is a boy. There is some dirt. With sticks and leaves and creepy crawlies and stuff. So where else would he be?

But look at that pose!

A perfectly comfortable, stable and solid, unsupported, deep squat. He could sit like that for hours – and he does. He plays away and then he’ll get up and move somewhere else and go straight back down into the same position again.

No shaking, no stumbling, no pins and needles, no spasming thigh muscle or lifted heels. A poker straight spine and a full range of movement.

I defy you to find me an adult who doesn’t work at this to assume that pose for me for two minutes.

This is how nature intended our bodies to function. We should all be able to do this.

We should all be able to squat like this – have our babies like this, move our bowels like this. We should be able to sit on the ground with our legs out straight in front of us and our backs bolt upright. None of this knees up, hunched over business. We should all be able to bend over from our hips and reach down to touch our toes. I’ve been doing some form of yoga or Pilate for years now and I still can’t do any of those. I was determined to master the deep squat when I was pregnant to gain from its benefits during labour and birth but really by then it was too late. I should have been practising it months, no years, before. I’d give anything to have have this kind of flexibility and intuity with my body. I wish I’d never lost it.

I wonder what age he’ll be when he loses his ability to do this? It starts with hours of sitting in chairs I suppose…

What a thing of beauty though.

I’ll continue to admire it, be envious of it and help preserve it for him, for as long as I possibly can.