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One woman book club – holiday reads

A miracle happened when we were on holidays.

I read four books.

Four whole books – with two days to spare. I was annoyed with myself then actually because in a fit of unbridled optimism, I had purchased a 3 for 2 book deal the day before we flew out but then left the biggest of the three – The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – at home because I couldn’t justify such a heavy book in my luggage that wouldn’t be read. But I was wrong! I would have gobbled it up! Continue reading One woman book club – holiday reads

What new mothers really need

I wrote an article for my business blog last year called 10 great tips for grandmothers to support new parents, which – even if I do say so myself! – I think gives a good comprehensive guide of dos and don’ts for any family member, not just grandmothers, looking for advice in supporting a family with a new baby. Actually, to be honest, it isn’t really for people “looking for advice” per se. It was more written for parents or parents-to-be who think they might have a problematic family member on their hands when the baby comes and it’s really for a “I’ll just leave this there, in case you might stumble across it all by yourself on my timeline” kinda way. Continue reading What new mothers really need

10 conversations a celebrity mum has before THAT post partum appearance

The Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the doors of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London today to greet the international press just hours after giving birth to her baby girl. The royal baby had arrived! She looked resplendent. Her hair, make up, outfit were all fabulous. She even donned a pair of high heels. She was a picture of new mother health and wellness, with that glow of “look what I did!” as she held her newborn and waved to the hordes of waiting photographers. Continue reading 10 conversations a celebrity mum has before THAT post partum appearance

Mama’s got a brand new bra – Hotmilk lingerie review

I totally missed a trick on the maternity/nursing lingerie in the pregnancy and breastfeeding days. I didn’t get my first sexy nursing bra until my birthday when the baby was 10 months old. I had lingered too long in the “comfy” nursing bra arena to the detriment of my curvaceousness and my self esteem. More boxy and matronly in silhouette than voluptuous and MILF-y. Mr Mind The Baby treated me to two gorgeous lingerie sets and I didn’t look back after that. In fact, I missed the sexy sets a little bit once the breastfeeding stopped and I’d shrunk back to “assets as usual“. Continue reading Mama’s got a brand new bra – Hotmilk lingerie review