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Chapter books for reading out loud at bedtime

I don’t know about you, but I fairly got a pain in my face from reading Julia Donaldson over and over again. I love her, like. But there’s only so many cute rhyming couplets a parent can take, particularly when repeated ad nauseum.

Once the small boy turned four, it really felt like he was ready for a longer story instead of the start-to-finish bedtime tale. I struggled though to find age-appropriate chapter books for the 4+ age group to read out loud. Most of the books in the shops seemed to be geared at an older self-reading age group and oftentimes the stories were too scary or too complex to hold a smallie’s attention. Continue reading Chapter books for reading out loud at bedtime

IVF Diary: Pavlov’s Dog

You may remember the infamous toilet scene from Trainspotting where our hero Renton finds himself so desperate for a hit that he resorts to some opium suppositories. What follows is three minutes of every germaphobe’s worst public toilet nightmare. Sure take a look:

Continue reading IVF Diary: Pavlov’s Dog

Review: First Aid Kits for the Family

First Aid is one of those life skills that we all should have, but often we only think about it in the moments when we need it and wished we’d given it more attention! For me, it’s one of those long finger things, where I keep meaning to attend a course but just haven’t gotten around it.  Continue reading Review: First Aid Kits for the Family

IVF Diary: Unpleasant presence

This is the fourth post in my Dear IVF Diary series. If you’re just joining me, then I recommend that you start here. You’ll find all related entries at the end of this post. Thanks for reading! x

Seven days after the embryo transfer, I was sitting at my desk at work when I got this sensation in my thighs. It was barely noticeable but all too familiar, one that I’ve always associated with the start of my period. A trip to the bathroom provided some relief when a knicker check was clear. Continue reading IVF Diary: Unpleasant presence