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First-time mums-to-be need to read this

Or more specifically, first-time mums-to-be who are planning to breastfeed should read this great article from the online breastfeeding information Mecca that is Kelly Mom.

I stumbled upon this last night when I was looking for material to show to a doctor who referred to my breastmilk as “dairy”. ( A story for another day because it hasn’t ended yet…). Basically it’s important information about your baby’s “second night”. I wish I had read it before S was born because I really struggled that night. I didn’t understand what was happening, I was exhausted and somewhere floating around the back of my mind was something a midwife had said to me that day about the baby using me as a soother that I took completely out of context and blew out of proportion. Very early in the morning, inconsolable baby, wrecked, confused and feeling totally out of my depth, I remember at one point going downstairs, sitting and bouncing on my birth ball, and singing him songs I thought he might remember and soothe him, in an effort to get him to sleep and not “turn me into a soother”.

I think this article would have made that night and that experience very different. Hey, you know my motto by now, information is power. 🙂